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The Bet


Alan Ashby is the school outcast. He has no friends, except one, Justin.
Alan is bullied everyday, his parents are never there for him and everyone hates him.
Austin Carlile is your typical popular high school student, with plenty of friends, good look and girls all over him.
But what happens when Austin's friends think it would be fun to trick the depressed ginger boy ?

Main characters :

Alan Ashby. 17. The school punching bag

Austin Carlile. 17. Popular and loved by everyone

Justin Trotta.17. Alan's bestfriend

Tino Arteaga. 17. Austin's bestfriend

Aaron Pauley. 17. Austin's bestfriend

Hello everyone. My name's Maeva and it's my first time writing a fanfiction in a foreign language. My english is not that great, sorry haha. Anyway I don't own any members of Of mice & men but this story is mine.


  1. Stairway to Hell

    Alan's pov

  2. The Devil Is Near

    Alan's pov

  3. Nothing To Lose

    Austin's pov

  4. Monday

    Austin's pov

  5. Hanging Out With The Popular Kid

    Alan's pov

  6. Jealousy

    Justin's pov

  7. The Date

    Alan's pov

  8. So Wrong, It's Right

    Austin's pov

  9. I Don't Ever Wanna Lose My Bestfriend

    Alan's pov

  10. Regret

    Austin's pov

  11. Be mine ?

    Alan's pov

  12. Not a chapter

  13. I'm A Monster

    Austin's pov


man this is aweosme i can't wait to read more :)

jyyyy jyyyy

@I love austin
hey there, im gonna try to update on monday but the thing is, i can't logged in on my previous account because i was logged in with my tumblr account and silly me changed my username there, and i cant get it back so yeah. It sucks, i doubt people will keep reading the story if i post it on another account

Mae Winchester Mae Winchester

It's awesome please update

I love austin I love austin

Hey, I love the story and it's going great. Take all the time you need, I can't wait until you feel better and ready to continue the story :)

Miss Lady Miss Lady


yay can't wait.

Austins_Nobody Austins_Nobody