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A Love Like War


Austins POV

"What the Fuck man!" Aaron screamd "Why in hell did you just say that to her?"
"I don't know man, I just snapped"
Phil, Tino and Alan came to the back lounge
"What was wrong with Emma?" Alan said "She ran of the bus"
"Austin told her to Fuck off" Aaron said and look angrily at me
"YOU DID WHAT?" Tino said
"Whats wrong with you?" Alan said
"I don't fucking know" I screamd
"Well do you know where she went?" Phil said
"I think she might have ran to Jack" Aaron said before we heard someone knocking on our bus door
It was Rian
"I'm are here to pick up Emma's stuff" Rian
"Is she OK?" Alan said
"As OK as you can be when your best friend tells you to fuck off" Rian said "She's in our buss with Zack, Jack and Alex have a interview right now"
"Tell her she doesn't have to work tonight!" Aaron said "We cant force her to do that right now"
"I will tell her that" Rian said as Tino came with her stuff and left.
"Hope you'r happy now" Aaron said and walked out of the bus

WHY couldn't I accept the fact that she is growing up?

*Emma's POV*

I sat crying in Zacks arms as Jack and Alex walked into the bus laughing. But they both stopped as the saw me.
"Emma" Jack said and squatted down in front of me "Whats wrong dear?"
I couldn't talk I was to upset
"Austin told her to Fuck Of" Zack said "Rian is picking her stuff up from the bus, she is moving in with us"
"I will fucking kill him" Jack said while he stood up to get off the bus
"You wont kill anyone" Alex said and took Jacks arm "You will stay with your girl and comfort her."
Jack just looked into my eyes and hugged me as Rian returned to the bus.
"I have your stuff Emma!" Rian said "Aaron also asked me to tell you that you don't have to work tonight, That it's OK if you wanna stay in the bus"
I just nodded as Jack took my bags and we walked to his bunk
"Try to sleep Emma" Jack said "I will be with you soon
I laid down in Jacks bunk, Jack came five minutes later and I cuddled up to him.
We laid there for what felt like forever, Jack left because of the show. So I started a movie and fell asleep. I woke up when I heard a familiar voice
"Hey Em" It was Tino
"Hey Tino" I said
"I just wanted to make sure you are OK"
"Well I've been better"
"I hope you aren't mat at anyone els than Austin"
"No I'm not, I still love you guys, It's Just Austin that is a idiot"
"Good to know" Tino said and smiled "Well I have to go. The show starts in 15. But it was nice to talk to you"
"Nice talking to you to Tino"
Tino gave me a hug before he left the bus.
I don't know what to do know..



Yes sequel plz!!

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