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A Love Like War

I hate him

Emmas POV

I woke up without a hangover, YES. I turned around to see Jack sleeping next to me. It seemed like the plan worked. I was next to Jack and I was so happy. I laied closer to Jack and listened to when he was breathing, it was so nice, I don't care if this is temporary, I like this. I felt Jack hug me.
"Good Morning beautiful" Jack said
"God morning" I said surprised "are you awake?"
"I've been awake for 1 hour, I just didn't wanna wake you up"
I bluched and smiled at him.
We were just going to kiss when we heard Rian scream
"Jack and Emma you have to see this"
Jack mubled something and walked out of the bunk
"Here put this on" He said giving me one of his BONER shirts.
I put it on and we walked out to Rian.
"What is it?" Jack said
"Just look" Rian said giving us his phone.
I looked, it was a Austin. He and Rian had a long conversation. FUCK
"Read the last message" Rian said
'If Jack so much as cracks a hair on Emma, I will kill him. Take her back to our bus when they wake up. I need to talk to her'
"He is really mad Emma" Rian said " You better get over and talk to him"
I looked at Jack. I was scared, I didn't wanna do it.
Jack saw that I was scared and gave me a kiss on the forehead
"It will be OK. I'll text Aaron and make sure he's with you all the time!"
I just hugged Jack tighter before I took my clothes and walked out of the bus. I didn't care that I didnt have any pants on.
I walked into the bus and was met by Alan.
"Lost your pants?" he said smiling
"haha no they are here" I said showing them
Alan smiled at me and then said
"Austin is pissed at you"
"Yeah I know"
I heard Austin scream at me
OK its time..
I walked thru the bus and threw my clothes in my bunk with my other things before going into the back lounge. Phil and Tino said Hi before leaving, they knew what was going to happen. But Aaron didn't move.
"What is is?" I said looking at Austin "Why couldn't I sleep next to Jack?"
"Why don't you understand that I'm worried about you?" Austin said "I care about you to much to let some idiot treat you bad again"
"Jack isn't a Idiot" I screamed "He helped me when I was drunk yesterday, We didn't fuck or anything. We kissed and then we fell asleep"
"I find that hard to belive, I mean you met his yesterday! You can't fall inlove with a guy you just met"
"Gielle" I said looking angrily at Austin. "Wasn't that love at first sight?"
"Gielle cheated on me" Austin screamed at me "That aint fucking love"
"But Jack isnt Gielle!! Jack is a wonderfull guy that cares about me"
"How do you know? He have been kind of a player"
"Well he isn't that now" I just wanted to leave. I couldn't care less about Austin right now
"Well fuck of then" Austin said
"WHAT?" I couldn't belive what he was saying
"If you don't wanna listen to me the be with Jack. I don't give a fuck anymore."
I just turned around and walked to my bunk and ran to the ATL bus. Zack was standing outside. he saw me crying
"Emma what is wrong?" He came up hugging me
"I fucking hate Austin" I sobbed



Yes sequel plz!!

Your moms bitch Your moms bitch