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A Love Like War

Sleep Tight

*Sofias POV*

The ATL show went verry well, even if Jack made alot of funny faces when i took pictures. But he is cute so it OK
ATL walked of the stage to a sreaming crowd. The boys in OMaM had already showered and the ATL guys went to shower as well. I walked in to the OMaM bus to uploade the pictures into my computer.
I started editing the pictures from today and published them on my blog. Just as I was done Aaron came up to me.
"decision time"
"haha what?"
"Well do you wanna sleep in our bus or with Jack?"
"I don't know.. Justin wil freak out if I sleep with Jack."
"Well if you want to I can help you"
"We are gonna have a little party before we leave. We get you drunk and Jack takes you to his bunk and voilá you are next to Jack"
"You will really help me?"
"Ofcourse, I love to se Austin pissed. And you deserve to find true love"
"Thanks Aaron"
"So I'll talk to Jack and we'll have you in his bunk"
Aaron walked away

*Jacks POV*

The party was in full swing and I couldn't stop looking at Emma. Her red hair and blue eyes was so addictive. I couldn't top looking at her. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms
"Heey Jack"
"Hello my dear"
She put her legs around my waist and we kissed. I really loved having her close to me.
"I'm tired" she said looking me into my eyes.
"Shall we go to bed?" I asked
"Yes please" she said putting her head on my shoulder.
I carried her to my bunk where she took of her dress she had on and looked at me before she jumped into my bunk. I laught to myself and took of my clothes before jumping inte the bunk next to Emma. I layed my arm under her head and my other arm I put over her waist. Just having her beside me made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I was so happy right now.
"Jack are you asleep?" Emma said with a tired voice
"No I'm awake"
Emma turned around so I could see her face.
"Can I have a Goodnight kiss?"
I leaned against Emma and our lips met. It was a perfect end to a perfect evening. Met her this morning and I'm already in love



Yes sequel plz!!

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