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A Love Like War

Forgive me

*Emmas POV*

I stayed with the ATL boys until the show. Zack and Rian even ran to the OMaM bus to get my camera. I couldn't see Austin I just couldn't.
"Are you ready?" Jack said "If you don't feel like take pictures today I'll think they understand"
"I'm fine" I said "Austin will be busy and wont be able to talk to me"
Jack huggde me and then their manager came in and we all walket to the stage. OMaM started the show.
I got some really nice shots, but seeing Austin was hard. But I Didn't focus on that.
Their set was done and they walked of stage. Now it was 45 minutes until ATL was playing so I went backstage.
"Emma can we talk?"
I turned around to see Austin. FUCK

*Austins POV*

I had to talk to Emma now. I couln't wait until ATL was done, so I walked up to her.
"Emma can we talk?"
She turned Around and just looked at me
"Please Emma. I need to talk to you. I promise I wont yell at you"
"What do you want?"
"I want to apologize for what I said. I know that I shouldn't have yelld at you"
"I just wonder why you are so against Jack"
"Emma I don't want you to get hurt. It's nothing agains Jack, It's just that I know how bandmembers are"
"Well I like Jack and Jack said that he liked me, and I don't care what you thinks. Let me have fun for once and stop being like a brother"
"I'll never stop being a brother. AND I will not accept the fact that you are with Jack. I just wont. He have alot to prove"
"I don't care what you think Austin. If I make a mistake with Jack then I'll make a mistake. I don't care"
I just looked at Emma.
"What if Jack and I work out? What will you do then?" Emma said
"If Jack treats you right and you two actually work. Then I will accept it. But not until then"
"Well then Austin Robert Carlile let us prove you wrong"
"I wanna se that" I said "Are you still mad at me"
"No, I can't stay mad at you" she said and hugged me "I love you, even if you are a butthead"
"Well you are a butthead" I said hugging her back "I love you too"
We stood backstage and I just hugged her.

We heard someone yelling
"Emma, Are you ready to work?" It was Alex
"I'm comming" she screamd and she ran away
I didn't want to be mean to her. I just remeber all the times when we were younger and she came home crying because some boy hurt her. I didn't want that to happen again, never.


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