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A Love Like War

Arguments and Soundcheck

*Emmas POV*

Jack left the bus and ran to his soundcheck. I couln't belive I've kissed him. Finnaly a nice guy who seemed to like me. I was really happy. Until Austin came on to the bus screaming at me.
"Emma what the hell did you and Jack do?"
"Calm down Austin! I have no idea what you are talking about"
"I will not calm down! I want to know what you and Jack did!"
"How do you know I was with Jack?"
"Because you are the only two who wasn't at our soundcheck"
"Well Ok, Jack was here. He wondered why you seemed angy"
"Were you only talking?"
"No we kissed" I wasn't going to tell Austin about it but now I was pissed of and wanted to make him angry
"WHAT THE FUCK?" now he was really angry "ARE YOU KIDDING ME"
I didn't know what to say. I didn't mean to make him this angry. He screamed at me, but I didn't hear what he said I tried to not burst into tears, but I failed. I pushed Austin aside and ran of the bus. I didn't know what to do so I ran to the stage where ATL had their soundcheck. Rian must have heard me comming or something because he stopped playing. The boys all stopped and looked at me. Jack took of his guitar and ran up and hugged me.
"What's wrong dear?" he asked
I cried and couldn't get one singel audible word out.
"Calm down Emma" Jack said hugging me tighter
"I hate Austin" I said still sobbing
"What did he do?"
"He told me to stay away from you, he knows that I like you and he think you are bad for me" I was shaking so bad that my legs couldn't carry me so Jack helpt me down to the floor.
"Then I'll prove to Austin that I deserve you"
"You like me?"
"Well I looked at pictures of you online and I fell for you. And l have looked at every youtube video you've posted, And when I saw you this morning I just knew I had to charm you"
I smiled, how couldn't I? Jack was a gentleman.
Jack stood up and helped me up.
"Are you gonna be OK?" he asked
"As long as I don't have to see Austin. Yes"
"OK then you'll stay on the side of the stage, and I'll make sure that he doesn't bother you"
"Thanks" I said as he waled back to the stage and I to the side
"Sorry for that" Jack said into the mic "There was a lady in distress"
I smiled and they continued on with the soundcheck.
I didn't see Austin and that made me happy. I was to scared to talk to him right now.
The soundcheck was done and I walked with ATL to their bus. Jack held my hand and I liked it. But when I saw who was waiting at the bus I just froze. Austin stood there looking at me and Jack. FUCK now he will be even more angry. He walked up to us.
"Emma, can I talk to you?" Austin said
I looked at Jack
"Emma answer me" he said
"I don't wanna talk to you Austin" I said walking past him
"Emma" Austin said before Zack interrupted him
"Let her be Austin. She needs to calm down now. You can talk to her after the show"
Austin looked at Zack and walked away
"Thanks Zack" I said
"As Jack said. There was a lady in distress" Zack said and winked
"Hey don't steel my line" Jack said "Bitch"



Yes sequel plz!!

Your moms bitch Your moms bitch