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A Love Like War

Meet ATL

Emmas POV

I have spent all morning editing images. Damn, some were stoned yesterday, and with all I mean Alan, Austin and Justin.
But now, we arrived at the venue we were playing at. And there stood a bus with the text 'All Time Low'. They saw us roll into the came up to us and greeted each other. I stood at Omam bus and did not know what I would do. I was nervous.
Austin quickly noticed that I was not greeted at all so he grabbed my arm and introduced me to everyone, and everyone was super excited and hugged me.
But there was one person that caught my interest. Jack Barakat, he was so much prettier in real life than in picture.
"Hello," said Jack, and gave me a hug
"Hello" I replied with a nervous tone
"So you will be our photographer for this tour?"
"Yep that's the way it is meant anyway!"
"I've seen your pictures, you are good"
I blushed
"Thank you so much, what fun to hear"
We talked for a while before Austin came and disturbed
"Emma, I get to talk to you?"
I looked at Jack and he nodded so I went with Austin.
"What the hell Emma" said Austin
"What? What have I done?" I replied
"Stop checking out Jack"
"What are you talking about?, I do not checkinghim out"
"Emma.. I can see that you'r checking him out. Don't."
What the hell was with Austin. Maybe I checked out Jack. But what the hell, he looks good. Plus why would a guy like Jack want me? He can get any girl.

I sat in my bunk and fixed the camera for the show tonight. The guys were still at the sound check and I could not cope with that today. I was so into that fixing with the camera that I didn't hear that somebody went on the bus.
I was terrified and looked toward the sound to see who it was that said my name. It was Jack.
"Hey Jack," I said, "You scared me"
"Sorry, I did not mean to do it."
"It's cool. What did you want?"
"What was it Austin? He seemed irritated"
"He told me not to check out you"
"You were checking me out?"
"Maybe" FUCK why I said it
"Thank you, must admit that I checked you out to"
I blushed again
"Look," He said, "You are so damn cute when you blush"
"haha no I'm not"
Jack just looked at me and then his mobile beeped.
"Fuck it's time for my soundcheck now., I must go"
"Ok" I replied
He looked at me and kissed me. I responded to the kiss.



Yes sequel plz!!

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