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A Love Like War

Buss ride

Emmas POV

We all sat and drank beer and sang in the bus, the atmosphere was much better now. Not one sour face.
"Are you psyched on seeing All Time Low" asked Phil
"Oh yes," I replied, "but is a little nervous"
"You should be nervous" said Tino "It is part of life"
"It is true," said Phil
I just laughed and nodded to the guys. I did not have time to respond before their manager (Dave) wanted to talk.
"So now we are on the way to the Hudson, Texas. Where will the guys in All Time Low meet up with us. It is also where our first gig is, then we'll go around the country, I will, as usual, put up a schedule on the board here that will tell you guys when and where you will be. You also have some interviews for various Youtube channels and newspapers. All shows begin 8 pm local time and the songs to be played and so on, I will also put up notes about. Any questions ?"
"How long does it take to go to the Hudson?" I asked
"We estimated 30-hour trip," replied Dave, "But then it's included some breaks"
"I have a question !!" screamed Alan
"What?" asked Dave
"Have you missed me Dave?"
Dave just looked at Alan and said then
"If you have any other questions, just come to me"
We all laughed at that Dave ignored Alan.

We spent the rest of the day to laugh at all who got stinking drunk and tried to flirt with Justin (his guitar tec) and then got mad because he got dissed.
I can admit that I and Justin have a past, we had sex a couple of times, but we decided that no one would know.
Being entertaind for 30 hours with these guys was not really difficult. It was something new all the time. One minute we were sitting in the front lounge and played beer pong, to suddenly sit and play Mario Cart in the back.
We stopped twice on the way to eat. I do not understand how guys could be so hungry, they ate twice as much as me.
I must not forget to tell you that I photographed lots of pictures and got some funny videos.
When the clock edged towards night I went to my bunk and started editing photos until I could not keep my eyes open anymore.



Yes sequel plz!!

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