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A Love Like War

Tour Time

Emmas POV

I was awakened by Austen, who yelled at me
"Emma, for fuck's sake! We must Leave soon time to get up"
I mumbled something unintelligible and crawl out of bed. Why should I live with such a morning person? Well, he was just an early riser before tour, not otherwise.
I went to the kitchen where Austin came with a cup of coffee.
"You will need this." he said. "You looks dead"
"Thanks Aust. You really know what girls want to hear in the morning."
"I know, I'm a real charmer." he said and smiled
I looked at Austin and took the coffee before I went back to my room to change into the outfit I would travel in.
All I would have with me was already packed, and much was already in the bus. It was just my camera gear I had left at home.
People always joked with me and said that my camera was my baby because I took care of it so well. I mean Hey, I have put out way too much money on it and it's actually important in the job, clear as hell, I'll take good care of it.
I quickly changed my clothes and drank the coffee, I was ready just when I heard Austin screaming.
"Emma's time to go. Phil is waiting for us."
"OK" I answered and took my big camera bag and ran out to the car.
"Good Morning, I said jumping into the car
"Good morning" Both Pil and Anouk said.
Phil and Anouk were so cute together, he was always held Anouks hand as he drove. Damn I also want to have a relationship like theirs. They are so happy, a happiness you can not buy with money. I have to admit I was jealous.
The guys were talking about, I do not know what. I was so tired that I could not focus.
The bus was twenty minutes drive away from our apartment. So it went pretty fast.
Phil parked next to the other cars that were already here.
We all jumped out and I saw all the others who were waiting for us.
Aaron stood holding about Amanda, she really hated when Aaron went away, and I can understand that. they had been together for over 7 years and recently got engaged. Clear as hell that she gets sad when he disappears for three months.
Tino and Alan on the other hand came towards us.
We greeted them.
"Where is Jennifer?" I asked Tino
"She is inside the bus and do something." he replied
Clearly Jennifer is with, she is always with the guys before they leave.
Jennifer came out of the bus while Aaron and Amanda came to us. In the end we all stood and talked. Suddenly their manager told us that we had to leave.
Me, Austin and Alan said goodbye to everyone and went into the bus. The guys stood there and said goodbye to his girls, damn what a pain they must be, leave the love for three months just like that.
Phil and Anouk said goodbye quite fast, she was going to work, same with Tino and Jennifer. But Amanda did not want Aaron to leave. You saw how she cried when she got into the car and drove off.
"It never gets easier" said Aaron
Phil and Tino just nodded. The first 30 minutes of the bus ride was the worst. No one was happy, everyone was a little down.
it was always Austin who lightens the mood.
"Now we celebrate," said Austin "Here, have a beer"
He went around and gave us all a beer was
"Now let's have a toast for another great tour" Austin screamed
All raised their bottles and shouted CHEERS!!



Yes sequel plz!!

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