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A Love Like War

The End?

Emmas POV

My rest week was finally over! I was in my bunk looking through every disney movie that existed. I can now qoute Alice in Wonderland.
The only time it was fun to be in the bunk was when Jack came. We decided that it would be better if I slept alone during this week. Just in case. But he came every day to cuddle and talk. It was amazing. I got to know Jack, I think I know everything about him now, and he about me.
Standing behind the camera again was such a good feeling. I fel like me again. And as always the boys were so handsome and gave me some amazing shots.

- HUGE time skip -

"Well that's a wrap" Dave said "This was an amazing tour"
"I LOVE YOU ALL" Alan (who was already drunk) screamd
We all raised our glas
"I just wanna thank the All Time Low crew for this tour" Dave continued "Even if the beginning was alittle rough we made it and all the fans was happy"
I sat down next to Jack who had his arm around my waist.
"I'm gonna miss you" He said
"And I will miss you" I said
Jack stood up and said
"Can I have everyones attention?"
Everyone looked at Jack. Even me, What was he doing?
"Well you all already know that Emma is the girl of my dreams and that I like, no LOVE her alot. So Thats why I wanna ask you this when we are around our best friends. Emma-Lee Morris, will you be my girlfriend?"
I was flabbergasted. I felt a tear ran down my cheek
"yes Jack, I will be your girlfriend" I said as I jumped into his arms and kissed him.
"GET A ROOM" Alan screamd
we all laught and I have never been happier. I got him, the boy he is mine

We woke up early. I hade to change bus now. I had to go back home to LA and jack to Baltimore.
We stood outside the OMaM bus, the boys had already said goodbye.
"I don't wanna do this" I said sobbing
"Don't cry my dear" he said kissing my forehead "I'll miss you to"
"Promise me that we'll be togerher forever"
"I don't want it any other way" he said smiling
"Emma we must leave now" Dave shouted
"Bye Emma-Lee" Jack said "I Love You"
"Bye Jack. I love you to. But will I see you again?
"Thats another story" he said.


Well this was the end. sequel?


Yes sequel plz!!

Your moms bitch Your moms bitch