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A Love Like War


Emma POV

I woke up with a nasty headache. Fuck what happened? I heard some voices around me. But I coulnt open my eyes. it hurt to much. But after fighting the pain I opend them and saw two police cars with sirens on. WHAT HAD JUST HAPPEND?
"Excuse me Miss" I heard someone say. It was a policeman. "A ambulance is on it's way. Please don't move"
"What happend?" I asked
"You got hit in the head by a man who was looking for money. He is taken to the station." the police answerd "Do you have anyone I can call and tell them where you are? according to witnesses, you were alone."
FUCK I only knew Aaron and Austins number. And Austin still hates me.
"My friend Aaron" I said and gave the nuber to the police who went waya to make the call. At the same time the ambulance came.

Aarons POV

We had looked through the whol arena. She was no where to be found. But Jack and Austin wouldn't stop looking. But me and the other decided to go to our bus and rest before we continued. Tino was the last one to see her. and that was 6 hours ago.
We sat in the buss talking when my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number
"Hello, it'a Aaron"
"Hello Aaron. My name is Paul and I'm a policeofficer here in Louisiana. I'm calling about you friend Emma-Lee"
"You have Emma??"
"We got a call about a girl who was hit in the head by a man and he robbed her. Fortunately, some young people and saw the whole thing and stopped him. But Emma has just first away in Ambulance for a routine check, blow to the head can be serious"
I thanked the man and got the information about where the Ambulance took her before I hung up.
"I heard you saying Emma" Alan said
"She is on her wway to the hospital" I said. "I need to find Jack and Austin and go there"
"Lets call them" Phil said

- Time skip-

We ran into the reception where a nurse helped us through the hospital and in to were Emma was. We thanked her and walked up to another nurse.
"Excuse me" Austin said "Were is Emma-Lee's room?"
"The third to the right" the nurse said and we waled oer there.
We knocked on the door before we walked in. There she was, sitting on the bed in her bloody hoodie.
"Hey Emma" I said
she looked up and smiled
"Here" Jack said giving her some sweatpants and a T-shirt "This might be nicer to wear"
She took the clothes and walked into the bathroom and changed.
"Damn" Jack said "She had alot of blood on her hoodie"
"Well we know the she is safe now" I said. Austin didn├Ąt say anything. he just looked like someone just died. Fuck he must feel bad now.
Emma came out and Austin walked up and hugged her

Austins POV

Just seeing Emma hurt made me feel so bad. This wouldn't have happend if I just accepted the fact that she liked Jack.
I heard her comming out of the bathroom and I just said 'Fuck It' to myself and walked up and hugged her
"I'm sorry Emma" I whispered "If I only knew"
"I'ts not your fault." she said "You couln't have known"
"I will always be there for you, and I will try to accept the fact that you are with Jack"
She hugged me even harder and I loved it. I got my sister back
We were interupted by a doctor.
"Well it's noting serious with her" he said
"But all the blood?" Jack said
"It was just a wound. We have fixed it and she is ready to go home. BUT she will need to rest for like one week because of the light concussion"
YES we can take her with us home
"Thank you" Emma said and the docktor walked away.
"Let's go to the bus" Emma said "I'm tired"


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