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A Love Like War

Everything went black.

Emmas POV

I sat alone in the ALT bus. I wanted to get some air, but I couldn't leave the bus, or could I? Just for two minutes!? I wouldn't hurt.
I got up and but on my black jeana, a hoodie and my yellow vans before I left the bus and walked out through a door and sat down on the ground. Damn some fresh air was good for me.
I looked down the strre infront of me, nothing special. Just a normal street in Louisiana, Missouri.
I sat outside for a good half hour befor I descided to go back in. But just as I was going to open the door and walk in I heard a strange noise. I turned around ans saw nothing, so i opened the door and heard the sound again. I shut the door and walked away, trying to find the sound. I liked adventures and I just had to know what made that sound.

Jacks POV

"She left her phone in my bunk" I said to the other
"Well who talked to her last?" Aaron said
"I did" I answerd
"No I did" Tino said and we all looked at him "When I was at ur bus before the show I walked in and asked if she was OK"
"Well we need to find her" Alan said. "Does anyone know Where she might be?"
Everyone just shook their heads. Where was Emma?

Emmas POV

I walked on a emty street at 10pm in a city I don't know. Looking for a sound I'm not even sure I heard, it could have been just my imagination. Suddenly I fell to the ground. I heard an unknown voice before everything went black.



Yes sequel plz!!

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