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Can We Start Again?


Morgan was a typical 16 year old girl about to finish her sophomore year of high school. She gets tickets for her and her best friend to see Of Mice & Men and happens to catch the eye of Alan Ashby. but what could happen? I mean she is 16!


Chase Luke Maddox

Chase Luke Maddox

Chase is Morgan's older cousin who is 17. They spent a lot of their childhood together before Morgan moved to north Georgia when he was 14. She continued to visits but not often when she got into high school. He's in a band with his best friend Damian and the other guys. He plays drums and loves Bring Me The Horizon

Chloe Leanne Rhymes

Chloe Leanne Rhymes

A shy girl due to being in a family with 6 siblings and be the middle child. Became friends with Morgan in 6th grade when Morgan stood up to kids bulling Chloe for getting held back. that makes her 17 but also a sophomore like Morgan. She lives photography and hopes to be a photographer one day.

Damian Stehphan Hastings

Damian Stehphan Hastings

Damian is 17 and the lead singer in the band with his best friend chase. He's a playboy in the group. He met Morgan when he was young but never got to know her well before she moved. He notices her through the years as she comes to visit Chase and she's how much she's really grown up.

Morgan Rae Maddox

Morgan Rae Maddox

16 at the beginning of the story. Loves to play guitar but gets frustrated to easily at it. She lives in north Georgia and absolutely loaths it. has no realty family problems. only social problems with school.



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