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Leaving the cave, going into the unknown


Alex is a 21 year old jewellery designer with social anxiety who hates to leave her "cave" aka her bedroom. When she is forced to go to her roommates friend's concert she meets a certain guitarist that she can't turn away from. Is this a new page or just the same old story for Alex?







  1. Chapter 1

    “I don’t know I think I may be busy tonight”

  2. Chapter 2

    “I never said I’d sleep with him!”

  3. Chapter 3

    "You did injure me after all.”

  4. Chapter 4

    “I guess I’ll just have to stay up here a little longer than.”

  5. Chapter 5

    “Glad we could break your cherry.”

  6. Chapter 6

    “I said you love pizza, your favorite movie is Avatar and that he probably didn’t have a chance.”

  7. Chapter 7

    “An intruder who makes pancakes?”

  8. Chapter 8

    ‘Oh look at me I’m Alan, I’m crazy tall and like to make fun of short people’

  9. Chapter 9

    “Ya, I sleep in my underwear why shouldn’t you.”

  10. Chapter 10

    "Nothing would make me happier"

  11. Chapter 11

    “Hey can I ask you something?”

  12. Chapter 12

    “Come on let’s dance.”

  13. Chapter 13

    “Well I guess this is goodnight than.”

  14. Chapter 14

    “I love you too.”

  15. Chapter 15

    “What are you doing?”

  16. Chapter 16

    “Ya sure is everything ok?”

  17. Chapter 17

    “It’s a woman’s touch I suppose.”

  18. Chapter 18

    “We are going out tonight.”

  19. Chapter 19

    “Good Morning. How’s the hangover doing?”

  20. Chapter 20

    “You know that was supposed to turn you on not make you laugh.”

  21. Chapter 21

    “Yay more spider man band aids, I missed that guy.”

  22. Chapter 22

    “Did you hit your head?”

  23. Chapter 23

    “Hello sir?”

  24. Chapter 24

    “No, you’re not allowed to leave yet.”

  25. Chapter 25

    “Are you ok Alex?"

  26. Chapter 26

    “I’m sorry Alan.”

  27. Chapter 27

    “It was beautiful wasn’t it?"

  28. Chapter 28

    “What is it?”

  29. Chapter 29

    “Does Alan like those names?”

  30. Chapter 30

    “Hi, it’s me Alex.”

  31. Chapter 31

    “Yup only 4 more months til we meet the little one"

  32. Chapter 32

    “Wait but where did you go after?”

  33. Chapter 33

    “I’m not going to pretend nothing happened but I get where she was coming from."

  34. Chapter 34

    "You’re de stressing right?”

  35. Chapter 35

    “Swimsuit? I was hopping you’d swim naked for the week?”

  36. Chapter 36

    “Well do you have any suggestions?”

  37. Chapter 37

    “Ohhhhh acting all parentey already.”

  38. Chapter 38

    “What about Dee is she ok?”

  39. Chapter 39

    “I’m going to be the worst mother, I almost killed her.”

  40. Chapter 40

    “Over did yourself, didn’t you?”

  41. Chapter 41

    "I’m terrible at keeping secrets.”

  42. Chapter 42

    “Why are you laughing that question wasn’t supposed to be funny!”

  43. Chapter 43

    "She said I looked like a ‘hot mama’”

  44. Chapter 44

    “You know what, that’s a load of crap."

  45. Chapter 45

    “So are you going to tell me what you got me?”

  46. Chapter 46

    "Just keep your legs crossed until I come back.”

  47. Chapter 47

    “You are still a person, just a person carrying a person. So if you really think about it you were twice the person this whole time.”

  48. Chapter 48

    “Gosh, who would have thought Alan could make a good looking kid."

  49. Chapter 49

    “What happened to ‘Don’t even talk about that Alex I don’t want to think about her growing up yet’?”

  50. Chapter 50

    "I’ve never been very good at dealing with death"

  51. Chapter 51


  52. Chapter 52

    “What’s that Austin? Is there something wrong?”

  53. Chapter 53

    “I used the power of the baby, works every time."

  54. Chapter 54

    "We’re fine let’s just ignore this and move on.”

  55. Chapter 55

    “The situation we’re in."

  56. Chapter 56

    6 months later…

  57. Chapter 57

    “Okay I think we have everything.”

  58. Chapter 58

    “Miss are you okay?”

  59. Chapter 59

    “She’s not a dog you know.”

  60. Chapter 60

    “Good of you to take care of her, have a good afternoon now.”

  61. Chapter 61

    “Never think I don’t want you, okay?"

  62. Chapter 62

    “Yup she got the sass from me and the good looks from her mommy.”

  63. Chapter 63

    “Your leg is bouncing which means you’re worried."

  64. Chapter 64

    “Do you think we could just stay like this forever and not face the world?”

  65. Chapter 65

    “Ah Alex you look so cute!”

  66. Chapter 66

    “Alex what happened?”

  67. Chapter 67

    “See this is why you’re my maid of honor.”

  68. Chapter 68

    “Are you excited?”

  69. Note?


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Ending! Ending! :3

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