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True to Justin's word, he called Aaron to pick me up around 9PM. Aaron's mom decided to call in for pizza and that was dinner. I didn't bother to talk on the way home because he blasted some rap song that seemed never ending. I liked rap-don't get me wrong-but his taste was super weird.


When Monday arrived I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Or maybe just die in general. Let me tell you that the second I woke up I had a bad feeling about today and I was right. I forgot all my homework at home because I left my stupid folder on top of my drawer. I am not one to forget homework so of course I freaked out. Then, in lunch, I was the last one in line so I got stuck with a shitty lunch that still to this very moment I have no idea what the hell sat on my plastic plate. If that wasn't bad enough, when our eight period teacher handed out our locker combinations (due to the fact that they had no time on Friday) I got stuck next to one of Justin's jackass of a friend. Everyone in school had the last ten minutes of class to find our lockers and put our shit in. I turned my head around to see if I could spot Aaron and whatever his name is decided to be funny and switched our locks so I had his and he had mine. When I tried out my combination, he was laughing and I was one hundred percent done with today.

"Dude come on, switch it back."

"No. Your locker is bigger, mine now." he smirks.

Wow my locker was exactly two inches wider, wow. Such an achievement!

"I got it first."

He looks me up and down. The next thing I know he pushes me against the locker and he grips onto my shoulder.

I yelp. "Ow!"

"I'm sorry, did you say something about my locker?"

"N-no! It's...it's all good!"

"That's what I thought." he lets go and I rub my shoulder. "How are you related to Justin? You're such a loser." he makes a disgusted and walks away, leaving me to sigh loudly.



I ended up walking home because Aaron had to do something after school and I didn't want to pester him, aren't I a great friend? The only thing I looked forward to was the fact that Andrew would be waiting for me and he's my escape.

I throw my backpack onto the floor and run upstairs, not caring about anything else. I almost slipped on my way up but that's okay. I grab my iPod from my nightstand and flop on the bed.

alanashby: hi

andyc_: Hi cutie.

alanashby: sup?

andyc_: Not much. Bored, really.

andyc_: How was school?

alanashby: don't want to talk about it

andyc_: It gets better, I promise you.

alanashby: how are you so sure? :/

andyc_: Life will never put you through more than you can handle.

Where have I heard this before? This sounds really familiar...

alanashby: you make me happy

andyc_: You make me happy too, Alan. I really like talking to you.

alanashby: can we skype later or or something?

alanashby: i want to see you

andyc_: I don't have a camera.

alanashby: there's an app lol

alanashby: we can just voice call if ur shy

andyc_: G2g. Ttyl.

...did I just fuck up?


I should learn when to keep my mouth shut. Since I asked Andrew if we could Skype, he's been avoiding me and it sucks. Maybe he's insecure? Maybe it's too soon? Whatever the reason is, it made me upset. I don't think we'll ever have a relationship.

I know it sounds stupid to date online but I would be committed one hundred percent. He's adorable and so hot...not that I like him for his looks because I'm not selfish but fuck, he's so hot. I can't help it.


"Fucking camper, move it. Alan go go go!" My online teammate tells me through my headset.

"Roger that!"

I love video games. They're a distraction from the real world and especially when someone is avoiding you. Clearly he is avoiding me if he told me he had to get off, right?

"Alan! We'll be covering you on the other side! Think you can manage to get that flag to our base alone?"

"Yeah. Just don't get shot."

My teammates laugh.

"Alan! It's time for dinner!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

I turn my head away from the microphone and yell back. "Just a minute!"


"Alan you got this!"

I took a deep breath and just as I was about to reach my destination, my TV screen goes black. My eyes widen in horror. "Nononono," I frantically start pushing any buttons on my remote and I hear someone clear their throat. I look up to see my mom with the cord in her hand.

"Mom! Do you know what you just did?!" I stand up, throwing my controller angrily onto the bed. "You made my team lose!"

"I told you dinner was ready."

"And I told you I'd be down there in a minute."

"That was ten minutes ago."


She drops the cord and points to the door. "Dinner. NOW."

I hung my head low, exiting from my room. My friends are going to kill me next time I get on.


Justin was already eating once we got downstairs and I knew that my dad would not get home in time for dinner. I sit down next to my brother and pick up my fork to start eating.

My mom sits down in front of us and takes a sip of her water. "So, how was school?"

She's not asking me. She's referring to Justin.

"Football season starts soon and I've been helping some rookies for the Freshman team."

I roll my eyes. Is there a day where he doesn't talk about that boring sport?

"Mine was great, thanks for asking." I mutter sarcastically.

"So, Alan," he turns to me and I can see him from the corner of my eye. Oh. This can't be good.

"That's my name."

"I know you hate Of Mice & Men but I got two tickets to see them. Mom says I can only go if you go too."

"No." Wasn't it obvious? Why on earth would I say yes?

"Alan, come on!" he whines.

"No!" I look at him. "You know how much I hate them."

"Correction: You hate Austin, not the band."

"Like that matters."

"Pleeeease? You can wait in the car. I just want to see them."

"Fine but you just wasted like ten bucks on a ticket."

"I actually won them." he shrugs.

"When's the concert?" I ask, lifting the can of soda and placing it to my lips, taking a sip.


I almost choked. "What?" I cough, setting the can back down. "It's a school night," I look over at my mom, hoping she would back me up on this."Mom."

"Justin deserves some fun-" And that's the second I stop tuning it. Should have known.

"Great! Looks like we're seeing Of Mice & Men in two hours!"

Fuck me.


i am going to update this more often i promise??? this story is more pop on mibba so i keep forgetting i have it on here too k bye


Update! Please! I BEG OF YOU! <3


Please update this!! I love it so much! <3

Please update *.*

Austin Austin

PLEASE oh god update soon!! X3 I'm dying to know what will happen! Like your writing!

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