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Did your parents ever tell you "don't talk to strangers on the internet"? Mine did. I know that some people lie when they're behind the computers because they're insecure or whatever their reason is. To me, strangers on the internet are the nicest people you'll ever meet.

It's been about two weeks since Andrew Conners DM'd me. We got along easily. He loves Slipknot and Star Wars just as much as I do, and he's just so nice to me. It felt good to have someone else to talk to. Of course I had Aaron but he has his own problems going on at home, and I didn't want to bring my little problems to him. I'm not that type of person. If I'm honest, I'm not happy with how I look. These voices in my head ruin everything. I can't talk to my dad since he's working nor my mom because she doesn't care for me like she does for Justin, and Justin...well, he isn't one to listen. Now, Andrew...he understands me completely. He doesn't pity me or gives me bad advice. He comforts me and I have never felt like this before. I guessyou can say I have a tiny crush on him but like that will ever go well for me.


"Mom, I'm going out with some friends! Be back whenever!" I hear Justin yell next door to my room and I can hear his footsteps heading downstairs. Oh yes, I loved being roomed next door to him. Especially whenever he brings a girl home.

"Why don't you take Alan with you?" I hear her question him, making me jump out of my seat and quickly made my way downstairs.

"Nonono," I shake my head, stopping right at the last step, seeing Justin by the door with my mom.

"And why not?" she asks.

Justin laughs. "For one, Alan doesn't like to socialize. He's too busy playing COD with his online crew, and second, he doesn't like my friends."

I nod. "Exactly. Have fun Jus, see ya." Just as I'm about to turn around, my mom pulls me by my arm and pushes me toward the front door. "Mom!"

"No, I refuse to let you be home all weekend! All you ever do is play video games or do homework. You need sunlight, you need fresh air. It's a nice day outside!"

I shrug my arm off, opening the door and stepped outside for a few seconds before coming right back inside to see her with a hand on her hip. "What?" I asked, smugly. "You said that I needed to get some fresh air and I did. You didn't tell me how long I had to stay outside."

I'm a smart ass, I know.

Justin smirks a little, giving me a thumbs up.

My mom smiles big and I know I'm in for it big time. "Alan, dear, if you don't go out with Justin today I will confiscate all your electronics."

I gasp. "But that's not fair! You know mom, you should be glad I don't do drugs or something. All I do is-"

"I will give you both until the count of three." she gives both of us a look. "One."

...and let's just say that we ran out of the house quicker than a fan trying to chase down their favorite celebrity.


Justin looks over at me and I sigh. "What? Are you that bummed that you didn't get to stay home to play COD?"

"Eh. I just don't want to hang out with your Junior and Senior friends."


Because they bully me and you don't fucking help a brother out. If you're wondering what happened after Justin got home on Freshy Friday, well he avoided me the rest of the day and weekend. This is actually the first time in two weeks that we have talked to each other.

"I dunno, Jus, I mean, they kind of hate me." I reply bitterly.

"Oh come on, Al. They don't hate you. They may not like you but that's another different topic."

"It's the same thing!" I shake my head. "Take me to Aaron's house."



"Fine. I'll call Aaron when I'm outside to pick you up." he gives in. Yeah, he has to anyway. I know that he feels guilty deep down but he'll never show it.


I loved Aaron's family. His parents are super nice and his older brother is the type of brother I wish I had. You could be having a bad day and without a word to anyone, Aaron's brother would ask you what's wrong. He's that good.

Currently we both were on Aaron's bed in his room, watching some Anime that he decided to pick.

"I'm glad you stopped by. I was so bored." he tells me.

"I didn't plan on leaving the house." I sigh.

"At least Justin dropped you off."

"Yeah cause he owes me." I shake my head. "Hey, can I borrow your phone?"

He raises an eyebrow, passing me his phone. "What for?"

I smile innocently. "Nothing." I lie, tapping his password in and I log onto my Twitter account. I had four unread messages. Three messages from people I didn't care about and the other...

andyc_: I miss you.

I squealed like a little bitch and Aaron laughed.

"Alan, if you don't tell me why you're so giggly and smiley, I will tickle you."

I look over to him. "Okay, I'll tell you. You cant tell anyone especially my brother."

"Scout's honor." he crosses his hand over his heart and I roll my eyes.

"I met this guy online-"


"-and he's so nice to me and he's so cute and he makes me happy-"


"-and he likes the same music type as me, and he likes everything I do. Well, he hates pizza. Well, no. He's allergic to pepperoni. Isn't that weird? I didn't-"



"I'm happy that he makes you happy-"

"Thank you very much I-"

Aaron tackles me, causing me to drop his phone on the floor and I squeal again. "What the hell?"

"Listen to me would ya?" I nod and he's still hovering over me. "Like I was saying, I'm happy you found someone who is decent but God, Alan, you're fifteen! And not only that, this is an online thing where people lie about who they are."

I push him off. "Age doesn't matter."

"Yeah? How old is he?" he sits back down, staring at me with a 'dude what the fuck' kind of look.



I sit up, crossing my legs Indian style. "I don't care, Aaron! I finally found a guy that is decent to me and I know that he's older than me but he cares for me."

"You're fifteen. You barely started high school! How could you possibly think he's the love of your life? When did you meet him?"

"He's not the love of my life! I don't love him. I like him. Ugh. I met him two weeks ago."

"And...for the past two weeks you never bothered to tell me about him?" he asks quietly, looking down.

"Aaron..." Dammit, Alan. You just hurt your best friend. Way to go.

Aaron shakes his head. "I'm supposed to be your best friend dude."

I frown, extending an arm towards his shoulder, giving him a lame side hug. "I'm sorry," I murmur. "You are my best friend and from now on I"ll tell you everything." I pull back and he smiles.

"Okay, but I still don't like this online thing. Does he feel the same way at least?"

I shrug. "Dunno. He just messaged me saying he missed me."

"What are you waiting for then? Reply."

I point to the phone that is still on the floor, making Aaron groan, and he picks it up for me. "Thanks boo boo." I mischievously smile, knowing he hated pet names like that.

alanashby: i miss you too

Wwithin the matter of seconds, he replied.

andyc_: I've been having a stressful day and I know that if I talk you I'll feel better.

Aaron looked over my shoulder, reading the last message from him. "He definitely likes you."

"You think?"

"You're so blind."

I'll take it.


i totally forgot i had this story on here i update quicker on mibba tbh but here ya go

the other chapters should be up soon


Update! Please! I BEG OF YOU! <3


Please update this!! I love it so much! <3

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PLEASE oh god update soon!! X3 I'm dying to know what will happen! Like your writing!

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