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After my horrible morning experience, Aaron and I said our goodbyes and looked for our first period. It wasn't hard because all our classes were on the first floor, easily signaling out Freshmen. I'll spare you the details-- the first day sucked. We kept doing these icebreakers in order to get to know each other and I, even if I didn't know anyone in my class, already hated everyone. Sure, in my third period I found someone who liked heavy metal and Tim Burton movies, but I honestly just wanted Aaron. I'm used to him being by my side.

When lunch came, we sat all the way in the front because it was the only option we had, everyone else sat in the back. When I mean everyone, I literally mean the upperclassmen who had our lunch period. We sat next to a group of Freshmen, like ourselves, who kept playing Blink-182 songs and this one particular dude, Cameron, kept playing the air guitar. His best friend, who goes by Tay, sang along. They were pretty cool, I had to admit.

I didn't get any homework to my surprise-- TYBG. (Which means thank you Based God, for those who aren't aware, you're welcome.) We're supposed to get our lockers by the end of the week so that’s kind of exciting.

“Just watch out for Freshy friday, loser!” I get slapped in the head while I’m walking with Aaron by some stupid Senior and I glare at the back of his head.

“You’re so lucky you don’t look like your age.” I tell my best friend.

“I mean I guess but...”

“Let’s just go find Justin.”


To our luck, Justin took off…AGAIN. I would tell my mom that he totally ditched us but she has a softer spot for him, basically he was her favorite. Even before she married Justin’s dad, I was never her favorite and I’m her only son. Sad isn’t it? Justin’s dad, or my dad now, is never around because he’s always working overtime to keep food on the table so he was out of the question. I’m used to being invisible.

“Now what?” Aaron groans.

“We walk.” I reply in a ‘duh’ kind of tone.

“It’s a five minute ride but a twenty minute walk!” he whines.

“Okay, no, it’s a fifteen minute walk.”

“Oh, that makes it so much better.” he rolls his eyes.

I laughed, tugging his arm. “Come on, we can talk about our day.”


I opened my front door for Aaron and he immediately made his way to the fridge. Typical. I shut the door behind me and threw my backpack onto the floor, kicking it to the side, just so my mom would not bitch at me later on.

“Whatcha making?” I ask, walking into the kitchen.

“I’m still looking. I could make myself a sandwich or I could be a lazy ass and warm up a Hot-Pocket.” he says, closing the fridge and we give each other a knowing look.

“Hot-Pocket.” We nod as Aaron proceeds to take out the frozen snack.

I take this time to run upstairs to grab my iPod, since Justin decided to play a game of “Lets See Who Sucks At Catching” when I told him repeatedly that I was not interested in playing and threw my phone in my direction, and with my bad reflexes, I didn’t catch it in time. The screen cracked so badly that I couldn’t even tap the screen without a piece of glass stabbing my skin. My mom refuses to believe that Justin broke it of course, so no phone for me at least until I learn how to be “responsible”. I tap in my password, unlocking it and I start to walk back downstairs, almost bumping into Aaron and almost dropping my Apple product.

“Oh my God!” I shriek, crushing my iPod to my chest. “What the hell, Aaron?”

“Dude! I could have dropped our snack.” he glares, looking down at the two Hot-Pockets in both hands.

“Whatever.” I comment, grabbing one out of his hand and I take a small bite. “Mmm, yeah, lets go watch a movie and no, we are not watching something alien related.”

“Aw, you’re no fun.” he frowns, biting into his snack. “Fine, no 500 Days of Summer either.”



We both lied. We ended up watching an alien documentary on Netflix because he reached for the remote faster than I could. We settled on watching both things. As Aaron kept his eyes glued to the TV screen in my room, I skimmed my TL on Twitter. I had nine hundred and ninety nine followers, don’t ask me how I got to that, because I don’t have an answer. I checked what was trending, and of course it was something about 5sos and One Direction not coming to Brazil, the usual. I went back to my TL and noticed something.

@OMandM: Austin here, answering your questions!! Use the #AskAustin and ask away. I’ll try my best to answer x

I rolled my eyes, remembering that most of who I followed, loved them. Someone needs to remind me why they love them because I clearly don't.

@austincarlile: Ask me a question using #AskAustin I’ll be answering your questions!! And I may or may not follow you ;)

Can my followers just stop? I would like to see other tweets from my favorite bands or what I like to call the real musicians that deserve all the fame and glory.

@ofmxcenmen_: @austincarlile#AskAustin this isn’t a question but ilysm follow me? x2812

And that is my cue to get off of Twitter because I do not want to see any spam from fangirls or stupid questions.

“Yes, aliens are real!” Aaron shouts and I laugh, shaking my head.

Just as I’m about to exit out of the app, I see another retweet of Austin.

@austincarlile: I’m sorry that’s it for questions!! Thank YOU for taking YOUR time. Go check out my band @OMandM if you haven't! Much love!

I went to his actual Twitter and raised a brow. He literally only answered questions for about five minutes. I looked at the ten questions he answered. They were all quick, easy responses. If you’re going to answer questions, at least answer them lengthy enough. I grew curious and checked who he had followed. I was not surprised when I noticed that he only followed attractive girls. This got me mad. One of my followers has loved him since the start and she was really disappointed because of what he had done. Alright, Austin, let me show you a piece of my mind.

@AlanAshby: hey@austincarlileur a real piece of shit u know that? if ur going to answer fan q's do it right. oh and ps just because u followed some-
-view conversation-
@austincarlile-”fans” doesnt mean u can pick the real hot ones. i couldnt stand u before and now i DEFINITELY fucking hate you thanks for-
@austincarlile-making some of your REAL fans feel like shit. i have 0 respect for you lol

“Whoa, you’re typing furiously.” Aaron tells me and I try to shoo him away with my right hand as I hit send. “What are you even doing?”

I put my iPod on my lap, looking over at him. “Sending Austin Carlile a piece of my mind, that’s what.”

“You know he’s going to read it right?”

“You know that he just got off right? Plus, he gets thousands of tweets, he’ll never see mine.” I shot back, glancing at the TV screen, noticing that the end credits were now rolling. “Hey, now we can watch Zooey.”

“I swear it's like you’re not even gay.” he laughs. “But wouldn’t it be crazy if he noticed your tweets?”

“Aaron shut up and put on the movie.”


Austin Carlile would never notice my existence for many reasons. 1) he only notices attractive followers; 2) he barely even checks his mentions, thanks to my followers, I know this, and finally 3) he is a douche bag that would never notice a guy like me.


uh oh alan


Update! Please! I BEG OF YOU! <3


Please update this!! I love it so much! <3

Please update *.*

Austin Austin

PLEASE oh god update soon!! X3 I'm dying to know what will happen! Like your writing!

Wolfie Wolfie