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Ever since I graduated eighth grade I told myself that high school would be better. I didn't get bullied for being gay or the usual bullshit, in fact, I was so invisible, that when they called my name on stage at graduation, no one clapped for me. My parents didn't even show up to graduation because they cared more for my brother Justin and his stupid football game. Even my principal felt pity for me because when he heard that awkward, dead silence, he gave me a big hug. I was used to not being noticed. I only had one friend--his name is Aaron Pauley. He actually didn't attend graduation because his family could not afford paying for his cap and gown so he stayed home. Besides, the next day everyone could just pick up their real diploma instead of keeping the blank paper they gave us all when crossing the stage.

Today marked the first day of high school and I kind of dreaded it. I've heard all the rumors of what they do to incoming Freshmen. No one likes Freshmen and I don't understand why. Everyone had been one at some point so what’s the big deal?

“Alan,” My mom suddenly comes into my room and I jumped up, my hands flying to my chest, trying to cover myself. I was currently getting dressed and I did not want her to see me shirtless. Yeah, I understand that she’s my own mother but God, she makes a big deal about everything.

“Mom! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” I groan, turning around so my back was facing her.

“In my defense, I thought you were done changing. Justin’s giving you and Aaron a ride to school so hurry, they’re both downstairs.”

I nodded, waiting to hear the door being shut on her way out, but of course since this is my mom we’re talking about, she doesn't. I quickly slipped on my favorite black ripped skinny jeans and a Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon tank. My hair slightly reached over my eyes but it's how I preferred it to be so whenever I’m in a rush, I would just part it to the side. I sling my backpack over my shoulder, thanking myself for not carrying so many supplies like I normally do. High school will be different, I know it will.

When I reached downstairs, Aaron sat in our most comfiest couch we had with his feet on the coffee table and a plate of Pop-Tarts sitting on his stomach. Justin stood by the door, leaning against it, trying to look cool.

"Finally! You take forever." My brother comments and I flicked him off.

"Fuck off, I woke up late." I looked over to Aaron and he smiles at me.

"Pop-Tart?" he offers.

"No, I think I’m going to-"

"What do you mean no? Alan Anthony Ashby, I will not allow you to leave this house without some nutrition in your body!" My mom says behind me and I quickly run to the door, pushing Justin to the side, making my way outside.

“Go go go!” I heard some footsteps behind me, knowing too well that it was both Justin and Aaron.

“Alan and Justin, you get back in here this instant!” Our mom yells, thankfully, we made it to the front of our house and she wouldn't come outside now.

I sigh in relief, glancing at them. “How are Pop-Tarts any sort of nutrition?”

Aaron laughs, slipping his backpack on. “Dude, I have no idea but I dropped them inside so if you don’t see me at your house for the next few days it’s because I’m hiding from your mom.”

Justin shakes his head, leading the way towards his car. “Word of advice, if you want to survive today, don’t act like you’re lost or else you’re dead.”

I knew what he meant and Aaron did too, we weren't dumb. Sucks how my own brother would not look out for us because of his reputation, talk about stupid.

“Shotgun!” My best friend exclaims and I gasp.

“No way! I’m the brother so that means I get shotgun.”

“That’s not how it works.” he argues and we glanced over at my brother to see who he would back up.

“Well, Alan, he’s right. I didn't make up the rules.”

What a prick.

After getting in the back seat, I threw my backpack onto the ground and Aaron took out his iPod, plugging it into the car radio. “Okay, nothing says more than kicking it back and jamming out for a five minute drive, am I right?” I nodded, buckling my seat belt.

I was hoping to hear a Linkin Park song play but instead I heard..

Since when did you become so cold
and such a lifeless piece of work?

“Stop the car, I’m getting out.” I glare at the back of Aaron’s head.

Justin looks at me through the mirror. “Oh come on, Alan. Of Mice & Men are such a good band.”

“Yeah too bad that Austin Carlile ruins everything.” I huff.

“Remind me again why you hate him?” Aaron asks, lowering the volume of the song.

I sighed. “He went to Elementary with me and he was so popular even for a kid back then. He always made everyone feel like we weren't good enough. He didn't even finish high school! And I doubt he’ll get a GED, if he ever retires from the music industry or they fail. They are such a shitty band and I’m ashamed they’re from here.” I ramble on, rolling my eyes.

“But you just said they were good-”

“And don’t get me started on his stupid fan base, God. He is the most conceited eighteen year old-”

“He’s seventeen.” Justin corrects me.

“Like that matters. I don’t understand how his band blew up so fast. He does not deserve this fame. Maybe the rest of the members but not him.”

That’s right. I hate Austin Carlile and I had no shame in admitting it. Don’t get me wrong, I had no problems with the rest of the band, they seemed like nice guys, it was just Austin. See, back in the third grade, we all had bathroom breaks. It went by grade. First grade went first and so on. Each classroom of about twenty students would go to the bathroom and do their business while our teacher waited for us outside. Whenever a class was done, the next grade would go next.

Of course Austin didn't go by the rules and didn’t wait his turn, bringing his fifth graders in whilst we (my class) were still in the bathroom. The second they stepped in, or more specifically when he did, everyone ran out, leaving me alone with them. His friends, thinking they were so cool, just picked on me, not giving me enough time to wash my hands. I was, in fact, pushed away from the sink. Did Austin do anything? No, he didn’t. Instead, he took the time to fucking wash his hands. Yeah, while I was getting teased, pushed around, and not to mention, getting these painful noogies, he did nothing!

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking ‘you guys were just kids’, but that’s just one of the things that made me grow this hatred for him. And now, years later, he’s a front man of a band, preaching shit that he never did. Yeah, he sure is "inspirational".

“Alan!” Aaron snaps me out of my thoughts and I blink my eyes.


“We’re here! You literally just blanked out the whole ride, which isn’t a bad thing because I kept playing Of Mice.” he was already out of the car, opening the door for me.

I rolled my eyes for what felt like the one hundredth time this morning and I get out, shutting the car door. I look around, knowing that for my sake, I had to remember where Justin parked his damn 'baby' because he is not the type of brother who will just wait for me in front of the school. Oh, why did I get stuck with a brother like him?

After locking the car, Justin took off, not bothering to tell us good luck or anything. Although, I knew he wasn't going to in the first place, it would have made us feel slightly better though. We make our way inside, kind of surprised that the hallway was super packed. We were no longer in middle school, that's for sure.

Aaron takes this time to pull out our schedules that we had to print out at home. Luckily, he had a printer and did it for me because mine broke due to Justin printing out so many logos for his future skate board company. He views both of our schedules and smiles.

"We have lunch together!" he announces.


"...that's it."

I make a face, taking the paper out of his hand and I sighed. "There goes our streak of having classes together."

We've been having every class together ever since sixth grade and now that streak is broken. Lame.

"But we have lunch!"

"Leave it to you for thinking about food." I reach an arm to pat his back when the next thing I know I'm being slammed against the locker and I fall to the ground, groaning in pain.

"Welcome to your worst nightmare, Freshy!" Someone calls out to me, I'm pretty sure, and I roll over, looking up to Aaron who knelt besides me.

"Oh my God, are you okay?!" he asks, concern written all over his face.

If I wasn't in pain, I would have told him: 'Yes, Aaron, I'm completely fine, even though I was just slammed against the goddamn locker', too bad I am in pain so I can't be sarcastic.

"No." I mumble, already wanting to go home and go hide under my covers and just lay there forever. So much for high school being better, am I right?


yassss i started this on mibba and decided to bring it here yay tell me what you think?


Update! Please! I BEG OF YOU! <3


Please update this!! I love it so much! <3

Please update *.*

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PLEASE oh god update soon!! X3 I'm dying to know what will happen! Like your writing!

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