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Great Gigs & Reservations

I walked to my bunk and pulled down my bag. I picked out a pair of black leggings, a thigh-length white button up shirt paired with a wide black belt with a custom made ampersand buckle Tino had gotten me for my birthday a year ago and my new black Vans Lucy had gotten for me. I walked back to the bathroom and got dressed. I dried my hair quickly and let it hang loose down my back the way Tino liked it. My hair had gotten so long, it was hanging down to my butt. I did my make-up, just putting on the basics, concealer, eyeliner, mascara and some black eye-shadow. I didn’t really like make-up, but I wanted to look pretty for Tino. I finished up and walked back to the bunks. I packed away my dirty clothes and moved my necessities like my laptop and its charger, my cell phone charger and my reading book down to Tino’s bunk where I would be sleeping for the whole tour. I walked out to the front lounge where I could hear the guys talking. I walked in and saw Alan, Phil, Aaron and Austin, but not Tino.

“Where’s Tino and Lucy?” I asked, realizing that she’s not there either.
“Lucy’s getting ready in the back lounge bathroom and Tino just left, he said he had something important to do and that he’ll meet us at the stage.” Austin answered me. What was this important thing Tino was talking about?
“Oh.” I said and walked to the back lounge to find Lucy.
“Hey, girly!” I greeted Lucy as I walked into her and Austin’s room.
“Someone’s in a good mood.” she smiled at me and gave me a questioning look.
“Oh, yeah, I had a great nap earlier.” I lied. Tino and I had agreed on waiting until dinner after their show tonight to tell everyone we’re back together.
“Yeah, I saw you and Tino sleeping when we came back into the bus the afternoon.” she smiled and turned to the mirror, applying her eyeliner. “How is he?” she asked in a whisper like she was afraid he would hear us talking about him.
“You don’t have to whisper, he’s not on the bus. He apparently had something important to do so we’re meeting up with him there. And to answer your question, he’s fine. We talked about what happened at the fair and I cleaned up his face, it isn’t as bad as it looked when I first saw it all covered in blood. Just a cut in his lip and one under his eye. The one under his eye is quite deep, but stopped bleeding soon after I started cleaning it, so it won’t need stitches. His eye is also turning a bit blue, but that’s natural due to all the blood underneath.” I explained to her.
“Oh, that’s great, but I meant emotionally. What caused him to act the way he did, he wouldn’t usually just fight, he tends to avoid it.”
“Oh, yeah, no he’s fine. We talked about it and sorted it all out, just know he’s fine.” I said not wanting to tell her that he did it because he still had feelings for me, because then she would ask how I feel about him and eventually our little secret will come out and, like I said, we only wanted to tell them at dinner.
“Ok then.” she said and looked at me weirdly, clearly confused about why I was evading the question. “Well, how do I look?” she asked.
I looked at her black skinny and cut-off Slipknot t-shirt. She had her hair tied into a tight ponytail. She looked really good and after I told her so, we walked out to the front lounge where the guys were all waiting for us. All except Tino of course. I wonder what the hell he was doing, but my thoughts were abruptly stopped when Lucy waved her hand in front of my face.

“Wake up, we’re each doing a shot then going to the stage.” she said and handed me a shot glass. I looked around to see everyone was already holding one. What were we drinking? I looked around for a clue as Alan said some cheesy line before we all swigged our glasses and swallowed. Just as I tasted what it was, I saw the bottle. We were drinking fucking Tequila! Lucy knew I could hardly handle my alcohol and that even just one shot of Tequila could easily send me soaring high.
“You little fuck!” I laughed at her when I saw her smiling at me. “You know I can’t do Tequila!”
“We’ll just have to deal with the consequences later then.” she laughed and we left the bus, walking to the stage.

When we got to the stage, we were escorted in by security and when we got to where we had to be, I spotted Tino. I ran up to him and remembered that we were still a secret for a little while longer just before I almost jumped onto him to hug and kiss him.

“Good luck, Tino-bear.” I said and gave him a brief hug as they got their two minute warning. “What was this important thing you had to do before the show?” I asked him when I suddenly remembered about it. One of the roadies gave him his drum sticks and told him to move to his position and they were going on stage in one minute.
“I have to go.” he said and ran up the ramp to the back of the stage and onto the stage, doing a little ballerina twirl for the fans before taking his place behind the drums.

The rest of the guys ran out onto the stage, briefly greeting the fans in their own silly way. Austin said hello to them all and introduced their first song for the night as Tino banged on his drums, starting it off. Lucy and I hung out behind the stage in the wings watching the guys perform, it was plain to see that they were all in their elements and that they were enjoying what they were doing so much. We sang along to some songs and danced around like silly little school girls. Every now and then I would catch Tino looking at me and smiled at him. After the guys performed their last song, Austin said goodnight, telling them all to be safe and responsible and to get home safely. The guys came off stage, all of them sweating like pigs. They went into the bathroom and went to go shower, putting on the clothes they had laid out their earlier today. They all came out again and Austin kissed Lucy on the cheek.

“Ready to go?” he asked us all and we started walking to him and Phil’s cars that had been brought around from the bus.

We all got into the cars, Tino making sure we got into the same car and were sitting next to each other. I was jammed in between Tino and Alan, Lucy and Austin sitting in front. Phil and Aaron had taken his car and were now driving behind us.


I am really sorry that I don't update regularly, but I'm trying my best xx

Hope you all like the story xx


@a daydream away
Naawww thank you :D You're so sweet :3

Anne96xD Anne96xD

hey Anne :) i will continue writing the story just for you and that comment. xxx

a daydream away a daydream away

Hey. I really love this story so it would be super cool if you keep writing :3
Anne :)

Anne96xD Anne96xD

I just read all the chapters of the story and must say that I just love this story. Please update soon :)

Tessa Tessa

Udate plz