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Love to Hate

Skype Calls and Travel Arrangements

"My bags are all loaded into your car, I'm gonna eat something and then we can leave!" I shouted as I walked into Crissy's lounge, throwing her car keys onto the coffee table.
"I'll be right down, I'm about to Skype with Austin!" she yelled back from upstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and after what felt like hours of struggling to get a plate from the cupboard above me I made myself a sandwich. God, Austin is so tall, I don't understand how Crissy can reach the plates and glasses in these high cupboards, I mean she's shorter than me for God's sake. I took my delicious sandwich to the counter and started eating. I heard Crissy shout and went upstairs to see what was going on.

"What's with the shouting?" I asked as I walked into her room.
"Oh, that would've been amazing, but I already have rage plans with Mia. I can't ditch her." she said to her computer. "I'll talk to her and let you know, but I'm not sure." she said at her screen with a smile. After sharing 'I love you's', she closed her laptop and took out her earphones.

"What?" I asked when she gave me a strange look.
"Austin invited me to finish up the last two weeks of tour with him seeing as I'm done with school now."
"When are you supposed to leave then?" I asked.
"His manager can get a plane for tonight."
"What about the rage?" I half cried.

I totally get that she would want to go see him, I mean he's been on tour for 5 and a half months now, but we had plans and now she's ditching me.

"We had plans for tonight with the guys, remember?" I tried to convince her to stay.
"I know, but I haven't seen him in 5 months. Besides, what I actually wanted to talk to you about was if you wanted to come along. Austin and I are gonna share a bunk and you can take the empty bunk that's left over."
"I can't impose on Austin and the guys like that, but you should go, you need to see him. It's more important that partying and getting shit-faced." I cracked.
"It's not imposing, Austin suggested it and the guys are cool with it, they're all excited to finally meet the girl Austin and I always talk about."

I get to go on tour with an actual band and meet the rest of the guys? Maybe I'll even meet someone from another band seeing as it's a whole bunch of bands touring.

"What the hell, let's do this! I mean we're already packed and everything, so we can just go out for lunch seeing as I haven't eaten anything except for that sandwich just know and I'm starved and then we can relax until we have to leave to go to the airport. What time is the flight?"
"Their manager can get us one for 6."
"Well it's only 3 now, so let's go have some fun before we have to drive to the airport."
"Austin's sending a car." Crissy said.
"God! That man has way too much money!" I laughed as we walked out the front door and got into the car.


I know it's a crappy chapter, but it's kind of just to see of anyone will actually see/read this story because I don't want to waste my time writing a story that no one's gonna read. Please comment and let me know what you think, I promise it does get better. I told my friend the basic idea I have for the story and she thinks it's quite good, so yeah, let me know what you think and I'll continue with the story. :) xx

Plus, just so you know, I'm from South Africa where the legal drinking age is 18, hence Crissy and Mia only being 18 and talking about going out and getting shit-faced. Also, this 'rage' they're talking about is a legitimate huge-ass party for all the matrics/12th graders/seniors or whatever they call the kids in their final year of school where you're from where they just party and drink and fuck around after their final exams in a beach town near Cape Town called Plettenberg Bay.

And I know that at the moment Austin and Alan are a year younger than they are in the story, but I made them a year older for reasons. :P xx


Update please!!!:)

OMG, 32 views... well like I promised to do if people actually see the story, I'll continue with the story and post the next chapter tomorrow. :) xx

a daydream away a daydream away

Hey, yeah I am. I'm super happy that someone actually saw and read and commented. I forgot the layout for the next chapter at a friend's house, but I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow and post it. xx

a daydream away a daydream away

You're from South Africa! I visit there a lot because my family lives over there

niamh niamh