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Without You I'm Nothing

Chapter 7

I woke up on Friday and groaned. Today was going to be awkward with the whole Austin thing. I got out of bed and decided not to shower since I did last night. I walked into my bathroom and washed my face before going back into my room. I sat down at my vanity and applied my foundation and concealer before I set it with some translucent powder. I filled in my eyebrows and started on my eye makeup. I put on a gold shimmery color and a dark brown shimmery color followed by a white in the inner corner and under my brow. I did a thin line of eyeliner and flicked it out at the end, I then did my usual 3 coats of mascara. I applied my tight line eyeliner and on my water line. I put on some nude lipstick and ended up straightening my hair. I walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of light wash skinny jeans and a black lace racer back style tank top. I put on a couple random band bracelets and grabbed a black fedora. I got my bag off of the floor and walked downstairs.

"Hey baby, makin beakie if you want any." my mom was in her scrubs. "I'm good." I got an apple and put it in my bag. I haven't really eaten much for the past couple days and I started to see the outline of my hips. "Okay sweetie, so got any plans tonight?" I shook my head "I'm gonna go." I walked out of the kitchen and pulled on a pair of flip flops before walking out of the house and towards my car.

I pulled up to the school and saw Selena standing in the front of the school. "Hey Selly." "Hey..." she sounded weird. "What?" I asked her cautiously. "Nothinggg" she pulled on my hand and we started walking into school. "I have to go to my locker yo." Selena laughed and we walked towards my locker to see the word 'SLUT' written all over it. My eyes went wide and I felt my jaw drop. "Yea... that happened...." Selena trailed off. I walked up to my locker and tried to wipe it off only to have it stay on. "Remi are you okay?" Selena asked me. I shook my head "I'm going home..." "No Remi, it's okay."

It was finally the last period of the day and I was glad for the day to be over. Everyone kept calling me a whore or a slut all day and some dude threw his lunch on me. I sat down at the table and everyone started filing in. Austin came in last and I didn't look up at him. "Okay class today were starting on our next project." Mrs.V said to us.

"Hey Remi you okay?" Austin asked me breaking our uncomfortable silence. "I'm fine." I said writing down some questions. "I don't believe you." Austin said to me. "Do you wanna go to the movies tonight?" I asked Austin. He nodded "I'll even buy you pizza after." I smiled "Thanks." Austin smiled "Catherine was the one who wrote slut on your locker." I didn't say anything. "She's just mad at me since I broke up with her." Maybe Selena was right.




I still really like ♡♡♡

Hey that's really great so far ! Good job, keep updating please :)

Audrie Audrie

I like this so far. Update soon!

Hell yes its awesome