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Without You I'm Nothing

Chapter 5

"Hey Remi." Mr. Carson said to me when I walked into the class room. "Hey Mr. Carson." I said back to him. "Okay I need you and Selena to do stuff for me today." "Whhhhhaaaatttttt?" Selena whined from our table "Sorry guys. But I do really need you guys to do some stuff for me okay?" I nodded "We'll do it." I said "Okay I need you guys to go to the principals office and ask him when we can start setting up for the art show, then go to the copy room and get these documents copied, after that go to the photography class and ask for Jenny- short blonde girl who looks super grunge- to come up with you guys. Then just come back here and you guys can do whatever the hell you want." he said I nodded and took the documents from him.

"So how'd the project with Carlile go?" Selena begged me to tell her "Nothing happened." I laughed "Really nothing happened after you dropped me off?" I shook my head "Sel, if I say nothing happened then nothing happened." "He did kiss your cheek." I blushed "OMG I KNEW IT!" Selena screamed "Hey Selena shut up." or 9th grade math teacher yelled at us as we passed his class room "Sorry Mr.Cooper." we apologized to him.

"Jenny." I called to her as she walked out of the black room "Hey Remi." she said to me pulling her flannel back on. "Carson needs to talk to you." I said to her. "Oh.. okay." she got her bag and started walking ahead of us. "Okay so what did you guys do?" Selena asked me "We worked on our project and then went out to take pictures." "Sounds like a date if you ask me." she scoffed I rolled my eyes and we started heading down to the copy room.

"Hey there's that stupid slut." I heard someone say from behind me. I turned on my heels and some brown haired chick said to me. "Excuse me?" "You're the stupid slut that's trying to steal MY boyfriend." "Whose your boyfriend?" "Austin Carlile." I rolled my eyes "Were just friends." I told her. "Then stay away from him." she said to me before turning and walking away. I rolled my eyes and walked off with Selena. "I bet Austin's gonna break up with her for you." she squealed I rolled my eyes again "I'm not going to the movies with him Friday."

I looked at my reflection in the mirror of the bathroom. I blotted my face before grabbing a light pink lipstick from my bag. I applied it and pulled my hair up into a ponytail leaving my fringe out of it, I applied a thin line of eyeliner and winged it out at the end before spraying on some perfume and a little more deodorant. "Makin yourself cute for Carlile?" Selena asked me while she touched up her makeup. "No, I have work after school and i'm not gonna have time to touch up." I said to her, it was also a little bit for Austin, not gonna lie about that but it was mainly for work.

"Hey Remi." Austin smiled at me. "Hey." I said back to him "How's it going?" "Good good." I said sitting down at our lab table. "Okay class today, turn in your first project and then start on Chapter 3 review questions." Mrs. V explained to us. "I'll go turn it, you get the books?" Austin asked me. I nodded and we got the stuff.

"Are you made at me?" Austin asked breaking the uncomfortable silence "No everything's good." I said to him fakely smiling. "Okay then." Austin said while packing up his backpack. "I can't go to the movies with you on Friday." I said to him. "Why not?" Austin asked sounding disappointed "I just can't okay." I was started to get a little pissed off thinking about how he had a girlfriend and he was seriously going to cheat on her. "Oh... okay then." I picked up my bag and walked out of the room quickly. Was I doing what was right or not is the question...




I still really like ♡♡♡

Hey that's really great so far ! Good job, keep updating please :)

Audrie Audrie

I like this so far. Update soon!

Hell yes its awesome