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Without You I'm Nothing

Chapter 3

I got out of bed on Sunday morning and walked across the hall to my mom's bedroom to see her passed out on the floor. "Well looks like you missed the bed." I sighed and squatted down to pick her up. She woke up in the process of me picking her up, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. "Baby I can do this by myself." she groaned trying to get out of my grip. I rolled my eyes and tightened my grip on her waist "Were almost there mom." she groaned something but I didn't pay attention. I set her down on her bed and she kicked her heels off, "How was that party last night?" she asked me when she got settled in bed. "It was okay I guess." "Wasn't it at that one guys house?" I nodded "Also i'm going out today." "Babe it's Sunday you know my rules." "Mom it's my senior year. I have good grades, and it's for school." she nodded "I trust you." I nodded "Bye mom." "Babe touch up your roots." I rolled my eyes at her "Right back at you momma." she chuckled "I love you honey." "Love you too mommy." she weakly smiled at me before she laid down in bed.

I got out of the shower and pulled on a pair of underwear and a bra. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and frowned. My thighs were still touching, my stomach was still flabby, no wonder i'm single. I sighed and walked back into my bedroom and towards my closet. I pushed through my clothes until I finally found a plain white v neck that was really loose, I threw it on my bed along with a pair of tribal shorts that had little pom poms on the bottoms. I grabbed a pair of black sandals and threw them on my bed also before walking over and pulling the clothes on and pushing my feet into the sandals. I sat down at my vanity and pulled my hair up into a messy bun before starting on my makeup. I applied a thin layer of foundation along with concealer, when my mom knocked on my door. "Yea?" I said when she walked in, she sat on my bed "Sorry I got lonely." I laughed and applied highlighter to my cheek bones, along the top of my nose and in between my eyebrows. I filled in my eyebrows and started on my eyes. I applied a light brown color in my crease and then a pink-gold color all over my lids along with white under my brow and in the inner corner. I applied some black eyeliner to my tight line and some nude eyeliner to my waterline before going in with a hefty amount of mascara. I finished the look off with some light pink lip gloss. I got up from my vanity and picked up my bag, "Bye mommy." I kissed her cheek. "Bye sweetie." she sighed I walked out of my bedroom and down the stairs and out the front door.

I drove up to the address Austin gave me to see a small cozy looking house. I parked on the opposite side of the street and walked over and knocked on the door. The door opened and a kind looking man was standing there, "Hi, can I help you?" he asked me "Hi, is Austin home?" he nodded "I'm Austin's dad, he's in his room, down the hall second door on the left." I smiled and he moved to the side. "Thank you sir." "You're welcome miss." he smiled and exited the house. I walked down the hall way and knocked on Austin's bedroom door "Yea?" he called I walked in to see a shirtless Austin with wet hair. I swallowed "Oh hey Remi." he smiled "Hi." I greeted him he bent over and picked up a shirt and pulled it on.

"Pass me the glue yea?" Austin passed me a bottle of glue and I pressed down some pictures. "Well looks like were done." Austin smiled "We finally are." I smiled leaning back against his bed, "So what ya wanna do?" Austin asked me. "Wanna go do something? I mean like I have my camera if you'd be into going to take pictures." I offered, he nodded "That could be fun." he smiled.

"Wow you're a great photographer." Austin complemented me as he flipped through my portfolio. "Glad you like my stuff." I smiled "I like hanging out with you Remi." "I like hanging out with you to Carlile."




I still really like ♡♡♡

Hey that's really great so far ! Good job, keep updating please :)

Audrie Audrie

I like this so far. Update soon!

Hell yes its awesome