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Without You I'm Nothing

Chapter 2

"Hey Austin." I looked up and saw Alan standing in front of me. "Hey man." I said to him. "Manny said we need to be at his house after school." I nodded "I think I actually need to do something first but I'll be there." "It's Remi isn't it?" Alan asked me. I shook my head "No..." I said going back to copying some stuff for Remi and I's first physics project. "Then why are you doing Physics homework during our free period?" he questioned me. I rolled my eyes "We're gonna work on our project tomorrow." Alan rolled his eyes "Is that what the kids are callin it this day and age?" I rolled my eyes. "I bravely know her man, it's been 3 days since I even met her." I explained. He rolled his eyes again "Remi and Austin sittin-" Alan stopped talking I looked over towards the door and saw Remi walking towards us. I looked her up and down quickly hoping she wouldn't notice, she was wearing sweat pants with a random wolf tee shirt. "Wow you look very under dressed today." I laughed when she walked up to me. She rolled her eyes "Hey Alan, and shut up Asstin." I rolled my eyes at her "Did you finish getting the information for the project?" I nodded "Okay well I finished the drawings so I'll come over to your house around 2?" I nodded "Okay I'll see you then." Remi smiled and walked out of the library.

~After School~

"Austin hurry up!" I heard Tino yell. "Coming!" I crammed my last textbook into my backpack and slung it over my shoulder. I walked out of the school and got into Tino's truck. "Alan told me you were staring at Remi's butt today." I rolled my eyes "Just drive you little drummer boy." Tino chuckled and started driving in the direction of Manny's house.

"Hey Austin." I looked down from the make shift stage in Manny's back yard. I smiled when I saw Remi standing there, she looked beautiful. Crap this girls doing something to me. "Hey Remi." I smiled bigger, Remi pulled on the sleeves of her cardigan and I let glanced at the rest of her outfit which consisted of a pair of leather high waisted shorts and a cropped floral shirt that said 'I hate everyone' across it. She curled her hair and had bright pink lipstick on. "So you're gonna sing?" "Kinda." I chuckled. Remi nodded and smiled "Well i'm gonna go see how drunk Selena is." I chuckled again and she walked off.

*Insert OM&M songs you like*

"GUYS! The cops are here!" I looked over at the girl who was yelling from the corner of the backyard. We packed up our shit and started running off the stage and the guys hopped over the fence. "Remi, hurry!" I yelled when I noticed her trying to help Selena. I looked over at the fence before running over to help her. I picked Selena up and put her over my shoulder and grabbed Remi's hand pulling her over to the back gate.

"So that was a senior party." Remi commented as we walked in the direction of i'm assuming to be Selena's house "Here we are." Remi said when we got to a huge house, well more like mansion if anything. "Selena lives here?" she nodded "Her dad's a plastic surgeon and her mom's a cardiologist." I nodded "So she conforms with the rich parent rebel teenager thing?" Remi chuckled "You're pretty smart Carlile." I shrugged "It's what I do." Remi rolled her eyes and knocked on the door. "Remi?" a guy in his early 20s asked opening the door. "Are your parents home?" he shook his head "Dads out of town and mom's on call tonight." "Good Sel got really drunk." he sighed "Give her here." I handed him the surprisingly light Selena. "Bye Remi." he closed the door.

"So which way you going pretty lady?" I asked Remi. She rolled her eyes "You're going to walk me home at 2:30 in the morning?" I nodded "Nothing better to do." Remi chuckled "I guess you're right there." I shrugged and pushed my hands into the pockets of my jeans. "So what's going on?" I asked Remi breaking the awkward silence that had settled between us. "Well I went to a party at Manny Lago's house only to see my best friend get drunk as fuck and I watched your band play." Remi said pulling on the sleeves of her cardigan again. "What you think?" I asked her hoping she liked our songs. "You guys are good." she smiled "So why don't you like Manny Lago?" "That's a story for another day Carlile." I nodded understanding what she meant.

"Here we are." Remi said as we walked up to a cute kinda cozy looking house with a 2 huge trees in the front yard. "And my mom isn't home." Remi looked slightly upset by that. "Do you want me to stay with you?" she shook her head "I'm used to being alone." I nodded "You sure?" she nodded "I'm gonna go inside, see ya Carlile." her voice cracked slightly and she quickly walked into her house. I started walking in the direction of me and my dad's place. I wonder what all that was about...

"Austin you were suppose to be home hours ago." I heard my dad call when I got inside the house. "Sorry dad I was helping my friend get home." he sighed "Austin." I rolled my eyes "Believe me or not that's what I was doing." I pulled my jacket off and put it on the coat rack next to the door. "I'm going to work, go to bed at least?" he sounded annoyed. I nodded, "Bye kid." he patted my shoulder and left. I stood in the house alone, "Only took me till 4 am." I said to myself before walking to the back of the house and into my bedroom. I kicked my shoes off and laid down on my bed, "You'd like Remi, she's really nice." I said to the picture of my mom on my bedside table before picking it up and kissing it, "I love you mom." I put the picture back and rolled over onto my back. Am I seriously falling for a girl I just started talking to?





I still really like ♡♡♡

Hey that's really great so far ! Good job, keep updating please :)

Audrie Audrie

I like this so far. Update soon!

Hell yes its awesome