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Without You I'm Nothing

Chapter 1

I brushed on one last coat of mascara and walked over to the closet in the corner of my bedroom, I went through the rack of clothes I had and ended up picking out a pair of cheetah print leggings and a strapless white peplum shirt. I pulled the clothes on carefully not to mess up my hair or makeup. I looked over at my alarm clock and saw it was 6:45, I sighed and walked across the hall to see my mother's bedroom door wide open with her passed out on her bed. I walked in quietly and pulled her shoes off and moved her so she was laying on her bed vertically, I threw a blanket over her and kissed her forehead softly "Ti amo mamma." I quietly walked out of her bedroom and closed her door softly. I walked back into my bedroom and slipped on a pair of nude flats and grabbed a grey cardigan off of my dresser. I walked out of my bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen where a bag of greasy disgusting food sat on the counter with a sticky note attached to it. I peeled the sticky note off of it and read 'I'm sorry I missed family dinner night baby, I got you Tommy's to make up for it. Have a good day love. -Mom' I smiled "At least she remembered to feed me." I chuckled and walked over to our pretty much empty fridge. I sighed "Well I could do to loose a couple pounds." I walked out of the kitchen and got my bag from the hall closet, I grabbed my keys from the key bowl and my phone from where I left it and put it in my bra before exiting the house.

"Remi!" I looked up and saw Selena, my best friend standing on the steps to our high school. "Hey girly." I smiled "Dude. It's senior year." I laughed "I know right!" she hooked her arm in mine and we walked into the school. We got our schedules and started walking towards our first period class. "Tell me again why we signed up for AP government with Ms.Turner first period." Selena whined "Because it's a required class, and AP looks better on college applications." I whined back to her. She rolled her eyes and we sat down in the back "What if I don't want to go to college?" "Well then you'll be working at Jack in the Box for the rest of your life." she groaned "Dam it I need to go to college." I laughed and got my notebook out of my bag.

Ms.Turner was explaining the lesson when a guy walked into the class. He was about 20 minutes late, "Well well well looks like Carlile decided to bless us with his presence today." she said sarcastically "Everyone let's give a round of applause to him." she sarcastically began clapping. He rolled his eyes and walked over to the free seat on my left. Selena turned to me and mouth "You lucky bitch! Austin is SO hot!" I rolled my eyes and mouthed back to her "Bitch he ain't that even that cute." I rolled my eyes and went back to writing down what Ms. Turner was explaining. I glanced over at Austin to see his writing down what she was saying also, okay he's not bad looking. He's a really tall guy with shaggy hair, he turned to me with a questioning expression on his face. He had beautiful brown eyes that were twinkling in the light. I noticed he also had a nose ring, I felt my cheeks get hot so I turned quickly going back to work.

The bell finally rang and I grabbed Selena's hand before rushing out of class "Remi slow down these are new shoes!" I ignored her and kept rushing trying to get to our second period class as quickly as possible. We got to our second period art class and sat down at our usual table we'd claimed as our's freshmen year by carving our names into it. "If it's not the two girls who are gonna be the death of me." our art teacher Mr. Carson said walking up to me. "Hey Mr. C." I smiled "Here you go." he handed me a box. I opened it and smiled "Thank you so much sir!" I smiled when I realized it was a combination of reference books and books about tattooing. "No problem, Jason left them for you." I smiled when I remembered Jason, he was a senior from last year and probably the nicest guy in the world. "How much did he sell them to you anyway?" Mr.Carson asked "I didn't even ask for them." Mr. Carson laughed "He so wants the V." I rolled my eyes "You're probably right man." he nodded "So are you girls my TAs or students?" "TAs." Selena and I answered at the same time. He did a little happy dance type thing "I got the best TAs ever this year, first period I have Nancy and Carlos, then I have you guys, third I have Alan and Scott, forth I have Amanda and Brenda. Seriously best TAs eva!!!!" he walked away and me and Selena broke out laughing.

"Okay class, since it's the first day of school I decided were just gonna go over what you're all going to learn in this class, also what you can accomplish if you take my class seriously like any academic class." Mr. Carson said "Also we're going to have an art show at the end of the month so, I want you all to draw... Remi, Selena what should our little baby artists draw?" Mr. Carson asked us. I looked at Selena and she nodded "Transvestite hooker pirates with a past of heroin use and really big boobs." Selena answered "I was thinking a unicorn, a pirate and a blind man in a bar." I laughed "Selena's is better! Okay guys so what you need to do for this assignment is draw a transvestite hooker pirate with a past of heroin use with very large breasts, now with that character you need to draw a setting along with a paragraph explaining what the hooker is like." Mr. Carson explained "I want you all to use perspective, values, and it should be colored. I personally prefer watercolors but you can use whatever you like."

I was sitting next to Selena, I was drawing and she was texting away. I put my feet up on the desk and continued my drawing. After about a half hour of class a ninth grade girl in a cute little romper walked up to us, "Um excuse me?" she asked sweetly "What's up?" I asked her "Is this right?" she showed me her sketch book reveled a poorly drawn transvestite pirate hooker. "Okay this is actually pretty good but your values are a bit off. See under her breasts it should be a darker shadow. It's eyes are also a bit off, but beside that it's all pretty good." I smiled "Thank you." she smiled and took her sketch book back. I went back to drawing.

The bell rang signalling it was time for lunch. "Come on Remi." Selena pulled on my arm. I put my sketch book away and followed Selena out of art class and down to the lunch room. "Hey ladies, my band is playing a party this weekend, you guys should come." a guy with red hair said to me and Selena as we sat outside Selena eating me just kinda sitting there, "What kind of music do you guys play?" Selena asked "Kinda of heavier rock." he answered "What do you play in the band?" "My names Tino I play drums." he answered "Well I think we'll be there." Phil smiled and handed us a flyer. I looked over the flyer, "Dude this is a party at Manny Lagos house." I groaned "Remi, he's not that bad." I rolled my eyes, "Whatever." I said to her.

"NO!" Selena screamed "Sel it's not that big a deal." "Remi we've had every class together since sixth grade." she said dramatically. I rolled my eyes, "Do you want me to walk you to class?" she nodded sheepishly. I rolled my eyes and we walked in the direction of her recovery algebra 2 class. I turned and started walking towards my physics class. I sat down in the front row and the bell rang, "Hello class my name is Mrs. Valentino and welcome to Physics." she greeted the class. After about 10 minutes into the lesson in walked none less then Austin Carlile. "Really Carlile?" Mrs. Valentino asked. "Sorry Mrs. V." "It's fine boy just don't be late again or your going to the dean." he nodded and sat down across the room from me.

"Okay class I know it's the first day of school but, since this time next year you're all hopefully going to be in college I want you all to get a feel for the college experience, and by that I mean this is more of an independent study class if anything. I'm passing around a sheet with all of your assignments and their due dates, also you're going to have a partner, you both will need to do the assignments and then present them in front of the rest of the class." she passed out the assignment sheet and I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get an idiot. "Okay last group is Remi Kyle and Austin Carlile." she smiled and walked back over to the board "Go with your partners." she sat down behind her desk.

"Hi." Austin smiled at me sitting down in the free spot next to me. "Okay so the first assignment is due next Friday, so we should get together and do it I guess." I said to him. He nodded "I can't draw so could you draw the DNA?" I nodded "Want to get together this weekend?" I asked him "I can on Saturday." he answered "Could you on Friday, I really need to get out of something." he chuckled "My band is playing at a party on Friday night." I nodded "Let me guess you're in that band playing at Manny Lago's house hu?" he nodded, I rolled my eyes "Saturday could work." he smiled "Here's my number, text me your address or where you wanna meet up for Saturday." I nodded and put his number in my phone and texted him. He got his phone out and saved my number into his phone. "Okay so if you could do the research we could write it out into the 5 required paragraphs and then put it on a poster board or something?" he nodded "I could do that."

The bell rang and I exited the room "Hey Remi!" I turned around and saw Austin behind me "Yea?" "You should come to the party Friday, it's gonna be fun I promise." he smiled. I sighed "I guess I could take the time out of my day and go." I joked. "See you there." "OMG! REMI!" I turned and saw Selena running towards me. "Bye Austin." "Bye Remi." he pulled on the straps of his back pack and I walked over to where Selena was. "So I heard you and Austin are totally gonna be a couple." she hooked her arm in mine and I rolled my eyes. "So not going to happen." or was it....


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I still really like ♡♡♡

Hey that's really great so far ! Good job, keep updating please :)

Audrie Audrie

I like this so far. Update soon!

Hell yes its awesome