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Native Tongue


Aria Taylor is from the Valley, but wants out. Newly 20, and she doesn't see herself living there for the rest of her life: plans on moving to so cal to finish off college. In her last year of community college, and soon to be a transfer student at UCLA. She wants to do a lot of things with her life from being a music journalist to starting her own record label. She loves music, and that's what her life has revolved around. Firstly, she has to get through college, but when she starts her first year at UCLA she meets the unexpected. That unexpected us meeting a guy that goes by the name Austin Carlile.


Aria Taylor

Aria Taylor

(image found online)

Austin Carlile

Austin Carlile

Hannah Snowden

Hannah Snowden

Aria's best friend

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes


  1. Chapter 1

    Hello my name is...

  2. Chapter 2

    So Cal here we come

  3. Chapter 3

    Home Sweet Home

  4. Chapter 4

    Six Feet Under The Stars

  5. Chapter 5

    Looking Up

  6. Chapter 6

    The Beach

  7. Chapter 7

    Sweet Desposition

  8. Chapter 8

    Come With Me

  9. Chapter 9


  10. Chapter 9.5


  11. Chapter 10

    Worlds Collide

  12. Chapter 11

    Breaking and Entering

  13. Chapter 12


  14. Chapter 13

    Tee Shirt

  15. Chapter 14

    Sweater Weather

  16. Chapter 15

    Safe & Sound

  17. Chapter 16

    State of Grace

  18. Chapter 17

    Hit the lights


@OMAM_stephanie in due time! I'm glad you're liking it :)

OMB! (Oh my balls) :p lol I love this please update!!

OMAM_stephanie OMAM_stephanie


awh you're so lovely thank you my dear <3

I love this, oh my god.

Yay <3