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Making his way out of the crowded party, Austin bumps shoulders with a familiar face.


"Alan?" Austin knits his eyebrows together in confusion. "What are you doing here?"

Alan open his mouth to talk when he sees the elder's watery eyes and ignores the question."A-are you okay?"

Austin sighs, shaking his head. "No."

"Yo, Al," Justin suddenly appears next to his uh, boyfriend. "I was looking for you..babe." His voice seemed nervous and the nickname seemed forced. Sketchy.

"I'm going to hang with Austin, I'll text you later."

Justin hesitates to say something but smiles. "Sure, don't get lost you two." he pats his shoulder and walks away, leaving them alone.

What the hell just happened? And when the hell did he agree to hang out with Alan?


Austin was not sure how he managed to get involved with the ginger. For some strange reason, he just couldn't say no to him and it wasn't like he wanted to say no anyway; he needed someone right now, even if Austin didn't want to admit it.

"So," Alan decides to strike a conversation as they walk down the now empty street, thankful that there was enough street lights so they wouldn't be completely in the dark.


"What's wrong?"

Austin seems to be taken back at how blunt he was being. "Excuse me?"

"People only leave parties, I mean good parties when something goes wrong." Pause. "Or when they forget to do something back at the house, apartment, dorm, etc."

That earns a chuckle from the eighteen year old. "Can't argue with that. I, um, saw my ex."

Alan immediately frowns, looking at him. "She a bitch?"



"Yeah." Austin replies, feeling an awkward silence fall between them. Oh, great. Just what he wanted.

They stop at a red light, looking both ways to see if any cars were coming before crossing the street anyway, feeling sort of rebellious for disobeying the light.

"So you're gay." Alan states, a hint of hopefulness matches his voice.

"I guess. I don't use labels." he admits, shrugging his shoulders. "My ex kissed someone back there and I know it's stupid but it hurt."

"It's not stupid, Austin. Your ex is a dick, I'm sorry." Alan slowly reaches his hand to rub his back.

Normally, he would tell anyone not to touch him, simply because he had grown cold towards any sort of affection; however, this felt strangely relaxing and it made him question many, many things.

"It's fine."

"Let's go to the park!" Alan lowers his arm, taking Austin's hand and begins to run down the street, making Austin gasp, getting dragged by the younger.


"Come on, you need to loosen up!"

Austin scoffs, dropping his hand immediately, and stops running to catch his breath. "How about you loosen up?" he retorts lamely, seeing Alan stop dead in his tracks.

"That was soooo bad." he laughs, holding out a hand again shyly. "Please? It'll make this ginger happy and I promise to stop bothering you so much."


Austin knew he wouldn't.

And even though they haven't really socialized with each other ever since..well, whenever the fuck that stupid cute ginger walked in with his boyfriend or whatever, Austin could not say no to his pouty face.

"Fine." he smiles, lacing their fingers together, giving Alan's hand a gentle squeeze. "Lead the way."


When the two reach the park, Alan feels a sudden cold breeze hit him, and of course, since he was a smart guy, he wore a tank top even when Justin specifically said it was going to get chilly later on. The ginger's teeth begin to chatter and avoids on making any eye contact.

"You're cold?" Austin asks stupidly, his cheeks turning pink.

"I guess, yeah, but it's totally--"

Austin wraps an arm around him, keeping Alan close. "I'll keep you warm."

Alan makes an 'O' shape with his mouth, feeling a unfamiliar knot forming in the pit of his stomach. "T-thanks."


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Please update this is amazing

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