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"I cant believe you're making me do this." Austin sighs as he walks by Tino's side. It was Friday and was forced to come to this stupid party of Jack's. Jack only threw parties when he celebrated unnecessary stuff, in his opinion. This time, however, he was celebrating the fact that his rents weren't home and had the whole house to himself. Honestly, the real reason why Austin even bothered to say yes to the invitation (after being forced) was because they were real close. He loved the dude-don't get him wrong- but a party didn't seem to fit the eighteen year old's mood tonight.

"You need to snap out of this bubble you have going on." Tino tells him, looking down at his iPhone, checking if they were getting near Jack's house.

"Bubble?" Austin repeats, clearly not getting the memo.

"Ever since you saw that ginger with the other ginger, I don't know, you've been acting weird." he pauses. "I know we joke about crushing on him but..do you actually like him?"

Oh, that's right. It's been exactly a week since that little incident. Ever since they showed up together, well, let's just say that was the last time Alan had shown up to Hall's, secretly making Austin upset. He didn't know why the fuck he would get upset over the absence over this kid, but it bothered him and everyone took notice.

Austin rolls his eyes, "Tino, I barely even know his name, don't be ridiculous."

"This party will be great! It'll take your mind off."

"No it wont." he retorts.

It didn't. A beer bottle an an hour later, Austin sighs, leaning back into the wall of the corner he was currently in. Why did he get dragged into this? Phil was smoking with some random people as Tino played beer pong. Aaron, another good friend of his, was nowhere to be found so he couldn't complain about this shitty party to him. Okay no, it wasn't shitty. Beer and every type of alcohol was provided, how Jack managed to get all these without being carded? Austin will never know.

He watches everyone grind, or try and dance to Timber by Pitbull feat Ke$ha. Ugh, another reason why he wanted to leave. The song being overplayed and catchy, bothered the shit out him. Just as he takes a sip of his beer, he notices a familiar face walking by: Caleb Shomo. The last person he ever wanted to see. Caleb and Austin dated back in high school. His only boyfriend and last. God, Austin hated him so much. The boy ruined his life and he was the only person he ever loved. So what if the worker wanted to save himself until marriage? (Or at least until he finds someone who really cares)

"Mmm Austin," Caleb mutters, planting kisses on his neck, his hands crawling up his shirt. Austin gasps, knowing he wanted to go further but couldn't bring himself to go through it. No matter how much he loved Shomo, or at least he thought he did at the age of 16, he felt it was wrong.

"C-Caleb..s-stop." he says, pushing him away.

"Really Austin?" Caleb sighs, rolling off of him. "When the hell are you going to let me? I have fucking waited 8 months."

"You know I'm saving myself--"

"Yeah yeah yeah, I think that's bullshit." he scoffs, "We're done. Your next boyfriend will get bored easily with you. So pathetic, Carlile." Caleb gets up from the bed they were laying on and starts walking out the door. "I never even loved you.."


That stung. Jesus Christ did Austin cry for days and none of his friends could help. They tried to; they just didn't understand. He didn't realize that his eyes were getting heavier by the second and of fucking course, he meets eyes with the guy he once loved. Caleb sends him a smirk grabbing his partner and smashes their lips together. Austin's jaw tightens as he throws his beer bottle across the floor, heading towards the exit. Thank God it was the opposite of his direction. At this point, he didn't care if his friends saw him; he needed to get away.


no austin and alan interaction in this chapter, i'm sorry


you needed to know his back story kinda

just w a i t!



Austin Austin

Please update this is amazing

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Please update soon. I love this!

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that's perfect and it's so cuuutee :3 you need to update omf xo

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