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Coffee Shop Soundtrack


"Austin...Austin!" A pale green haired girl with an Australian accent shakes Austin's shoulder. Jenna was her name.

Austin jumps up from his seat, frightened. "Huh? What?"

The girl gives him a small smile. "Mr. Moore wanted me to wake you up."

Mr. Moore? The eighteen year old tilts his head slightly, looking around the room and sees that everyone has his eyes on him. Oh. That's right. He was in class, but what the hell? He could have sworn he was only going to shut his eyes for a few seconds, not actually fall asleep.

"Oh." he replies, turning the lightest shade of pink.

"I get that I ramble a lot but if you seem to know everything about King Arthur, then be my guest, go to sleep. I expect an A on your next exam." Mr. Moore tells him.

"Sorry, it wont happen again."

"As I was saying, this is probably my favorite to teach because.."

Austin slowly slides down in his seat, still embarrassed. He loved Mr. Moore-don't get him wrong-his professor made class go by fast with his rambling and he enjoyed his sarcastic comments he threw once in a while.


After class ended, Jenna taps his shoulder as they walk out of the room.

"Hm?" Austin turns his attention on her.

"Tired much."


"Too busy thinking about Alan?" The corner of her mouth turns into a smirk.

"W-what?" his eyes widen, shaking his head quickly. "No."

"I think yes!"

"Ugh, Tino told you?" he sighs. "Gossipy bitch."

"No," she giggles. "I was at Halls with Josh and we saw ginger boy."

"So you eavesdropped?" Austin inquires.

Jenna rolls her eyes, "If you want to get official."

"You're something else."

"You like him though, right?" The green haired girl gets excited. "Will youfinally stop being a pessimist? Will this be time for you to lose your virginity? He looks young, kind of."

"Oh my god, bye." Austin mutters, walking away from her and leaves Jenna laughing to herself.


Austin had work today which meant two things: 1. He had to manage how to squeeze some studying going for math; 2. He'd get to see that annoying ginger. Okay, it wasn't necessarily categorized as a bad thing, he did enjoy his face.

Halls was a 'chill' spot for many students, basically a knock-off Starbucks; however, their snacks were to die for. It was on the corner of the college, making life a little bit easier. What Austin loved about the coffee shop: no uniform, literally. His boss couldn't give a shit about what he wore, as long as he wore his name tag, he'd be okay. Being that it was Monday, he worked with Tino. Just as he steps into Halls, his co-worker bolts in, whistling.

"Your boy is here!" he announces obnoxiously and Austin hits his shoulder. "Ow!"

"Shut up, you're going to make business go away."

"You only-"



Every Monday is the hardest and most of all, annoying. They had many undecided customers and students that Austin couldn't really stand. He wasn't one to really 'hate' anyone, the littlest things annoyed him.

"Yo Austin, check if we have any blueberry muffins, por favor?" Jaxin asks from the back.

Jaxin, or Jaxin Hall, ran the coffee shop when his father wasn't around. He was from New Zealand and had a cute little accent whenever he spoke. His pale skin, hair slicked back, and his various tattoos made people feel intimidated but in reality, he couldn't hurt a fly.

Austin does as what he is told, checking over the muffins corner carefully. Choco-chip? Check. Regular? Check. Blueberry? Nope.

"No!" The worker yells back just as Tino turns to him.

"Look, your boyfriend is here!"

"My what?"

The two look over at the door and they not only spot one ginger but two. Many thoughts ran through Austin's mind. Why did he come so early? Most importantly, who the hell was that other ginger?

"Jus, get us a table, okay?" Alan tells the stranger.

"You got it...babe." he smirks, squeezing Alan's shoulder and goes to the back.

"Uh oh." Tino comments as he watches the scene.

"Hey Austin." Alan waves, walking over to the counter.

"Um, hey."

"Pretty nice day, isn't it?"

"For deceiving people, maybe." Tino mutters loud enough for both of them to hear, so Austin nudges his side hard. Putting on a fake smile, the coworker grits his teeth. "Oh, seems like Jaxin is calling, see ya!" he slides away, hitting Austin back; ha, payback.

"Okay?" Alan blinks his eyes twice. "The regular please, times two!"

Austin nods, doing the normal routine they had.

"So I thought you worked night shifts?"

"I do." He nods his head again, shoving two muffins into the brown paper bag.

"You weren't here yesterday."

"We switch but it depends. Um, here you go." Austin places the bag on the counter then hands him the two coffees.

"Thanks." Alan grabs his order, glancing over at the other ginger. Austin couldn't help but to eye the other ginger who was making a face, although he couldn't decipher what it meant. Alan looks back at him, "I...never mind," he slumps his shoulder and walks to his table.

What did he want to say?


sketchy sketchy sketchy

does alan have a boyfriend?



Austin Austin

Please update this is amazing

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Please update soon. I love this!

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that's perfect and it's so cuuutee :3 you need to update omf xo

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