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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

A Catch In The Drift

“Dude where the hell are my sunglasses? I thought I put them in my bag.” I dumped everything out of my suitcase and my sunglasses were nowhere to be found.
“Did you have them on the plane?” Alan asked.
“If I did, than I wouldn’t be looking for them, now would I?” I rolled my eyes. “I’m going out to get a new pair. Don’t go until I get back. Should only take about 20 minutes.” I grabbed my wallet and my hoodie and walked out the door. I can’t believe this. Those were my favorite pair of sunglasses and I fucking lose them. Fantastic. One time that I want everything to go smooth, is going wrong. I miss Callie. I haven’t heard from her since the other night and I’m worried that she hasn’t gotten home. I’m worried and it’s killing me. This isn’t what I wanted. All I wanted was to go on tour and maybe find a girl. I did, and she leaves. It’s not right and I know that I shouldn’t have taken advantage of her, but I did. It was wrong. I shook my thoughts away and walked down toward the door. I pulled my hood over my head and walked out the main entrance. No one saw my face, which was a good thing, and I kept walking. Walking past the trees and people, my pace was slower than usual. It’s the little things that count, you know? How it’s amazing that you can wake up and breathe. Breathing is the most important thing you do in the day. The setting sun was bright orange as I was entering the shop with the sunglasses. But I kept getting side tracked with other things. The shops in San Francisco amaze me. From little Mickey Mouse bobble heads, to towels of almost naked girls on them. Whatever you need, you can find it in a little convenience store on the corner of prostitutes and coke dealers. I walked around to find what I was looking for when I found the sunglass case. I spun it around twice until I found a pair that looked cool. I took them off and walked toward the counter. The guy turned around and smiled.
“Is that all for you today?” I nodded. “$12.50 sir.” I pulled out $13.00 dollars and handed them to him.
“Keep the change. You have a wonderful day.” I grabbed the sunglasses off the counter and out them on while walking out the door. I turned left and started heading toward the hotel when someone knocked into me.
“Hey! Are you okay?” I looked up and saw a girl dressed in a gown that was torn and weird looking. She looked like she had been crying and she was grasping her neck.
“They killed my mother. They took a sword and killed her.” She kept saying. She had an accent but I couldn’t tell where she was from.
“Calm down. Okay, no one is going to get you. What’s your name?”
“Nyeria Rose. Where are we?”
“San Francisco. Where are you from?” I picked her up and started walking toward the hotel. I was getting strange looks. I didn’t care. I was having a hard time trying to walk, with her dress getting caught underneath my shoes.
“I’m from Grendelle. What’s all the bright glow things hanging? You must have some bright candles to light up all of this.” I looked at her weird. I kept walking and her hanging by my arm. Sooner than I would’ve thought, we had gotten to the hotel. She looked amazed by it and stopped to look at the fish in the huge glass tank.
“Why would you keep these fish in this clear container?” I shrugged and pulled her arm.
“Come on, we’re going to my room, to get you changed.” We got into the elevator and she looked terrified. She grabbed my arm and squeezed tight. I smiled a little and just kept looking forward. We got up to the 7th floor and walked out. She followed me and I grabbed the key out of my back pocket. She walked in as soon as I opened the door and walked around.
“Are they here?”
“Who?” I asked.
“The men who killed my mother. Who’s taking over my kingdom.” She asked. Kingdom?
“What do you mean kingdom?”
“I’m Princess Nyeria Rose.”


Yay! Chapter 6!! I'm sorry that it's taking longer than usual. I've had a lot that has come up but I will be coming back and updating sooner (: Comment, subscribe and vote! Make my day?(: Much Love <3


please update soon!

taxigerm taxigerm

loved this chapter! please update again soon!

taxigerm taxigerm

this is amazing please update soon

I love the unique idea. can't wait for your next update!

taxigerm taxigerm