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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

Let's Play Hide And Die

“Mother, what’s going on? Who’s coming?” I started panicking when Mother grabbed my shoulders.
“Sweetheart, don’t worry. It’s just our dinner guests.” I tried to catch my breath and grabbed my necklace. I felt a rush of calm wash over me and it slowed my breathing down. I looked at Mom and smiled, but I felt regret too. I used magic, which is something that I regret, but then again, I liked using magic. You feel powerful and calm at the same time.
“I’m better. Who’s coming?” I asked.
“Some old friends of mine. They’ll be happy to see you, but they are early.” She said. She walked into the dining hall and waved her hand. Suddenly food and lights and cups appeared. Everything and anything that would be appropriate for this dinner apparently. We heard footsteps, loud footsteps coming from the hall when the door opened.
“Clara darling! You look wonderful!” A woman in all purple said. Mother smiled.
“Hello dear Naresta. It’s marvelous to see you. And Clarence! Dashing as ever. I would like you to meet my daughter, Nyeria. Nyeria darling, these are council members. They’re here to evaluate your powers.” My eyes got wide.
“Let the poor girl get ready first, let’s eat. That trip from Aruda wore me out.” We sat down at the table and they snapped their fingers and food appeared. Glorious food that made ours look weak.
“Where are the others?” Mother said breaking the silence. They looked up and Clarence gave her a sad smile.
“Mortals have invaded our lands and threating to take over. The council sent us here, to evaluate your daughter, because they think she can be of use to them. That is why we have come here so quickly. We would’ve waited but it’s getting out of hand. We thought that we could hold them back, but they have gotten stronger.” Naresta looked at me.
“Nyeria, we need your help. The fate of our kind, your people are at risk and you can be a great help to them.”
“Me? I can barely run a country without mother and you think I can help save us?” I said, I started to panic and grabbing for my stone. Once I felt that cool crystal beneath my hand, I felt calmer.
“Naresta, my daughter hasn’t been prepared to fight yet. I was hoping you were only coming here to see how she was coming along.”
“Clara, you’ve already given her the crystal, she’s clearly got a handle of the magic it possess. She’ll be fine. She’ll fit in at our academy, and then she’ll be put in battle. With her, we can stop these mortals.” I tried wrapping my head around this conversation. Academy? Battle? It’s more than one girl can handle. Suddenly there was a pounding at the door.
“Yes? Come in.” Mother yelled.
“My Lady, there are strange lights approaching us from the northern wall.” Mother got up quickly and so did Clarence and Naresta. I got up to follow them, but mother stopped me.
“Stay here until I get back.” I sat down and waited. For what I didn’t know. Soon after, Mother came back.
“They’re here, Nyeria go upstairs with Murda and pack your things we’ll leave in 10 minutes. Don’t delay. Clarence can you put a shield on the town and tell everyone to stay inside until the shield is down?” Clarence nodded and Mother turned toward Naresta.
“I need you to go with the guards and fight them off as long as you can, I’ll be with you in a second. Sweetie, I may not be able to come with you. But I need you to know that I love you very much and I will find my way back to you. Don’t fight whatever, or whoever. You have the crystal, don’t use magic unless you know for certain, that where you go is comfortable with it.” My eyes got wide and my head was ringing with questions.
“Mother I-“ I got cut off with the gate slamming down. Mother grabbed me and hid me in a closet.
“Don’t say a word no matter what you see.” Mother shut the door. I moved to where I can see through a little crack in the door. I heard footsteps get louder and the door busting open. I saw weird men in black metal suits.
“Gentlemen what can I do for you today?” My mother smiled.
“Where is she?” One man asked.
“She’s gone sir. Before you could even touch her.” Mother said getting up. The guy grabbed her and slapped her. I covered my mouth before any noise could escape. I grabbed my crystal and tried to remember the words that Mother told me to say. I looked up and saw one man draw his sword and stab my mother in the stomach with it I let out a scream and they looked up. My eyes grew wide and my mind went at a lost. They walked over to the closet and I said what I meant to say.
“With this pendant, you have my heart.”


Yay chapter 5!! (: Hope you guys like it so far (: Comment subscribe and vote (: It'll make my day <3 Much Love


please update soon!

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taxigerm taxigerm

this is amazing please update soon

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