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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

One Shot Of Misery, Please

“What’s your name?” I yelled over the music. We were at this club,I was drinking and feeling good, but not good enough to go home with anyone, and I found myself talking to a very drunk, very pretty girl.
“Callie.” She giggle and hunched over at me. Her drink was spilling, but I don’t think she cared. Her top was about to fall off when I grabbed her and re fixed her shirt.
“Hey now, no touchy till I see if you’re good enough.” She reached down to my pants but I pulled her up.
“Look, you’re very pretty and nice, but you’re drunk. I can’t do that to a girl.” I said grabbing her shoulders. She looked at me with this big disappointment.
“I understand.” She started to walk away and something told me to follow her. I ran up to her and grabbed her hand. She spun around and smiled.
“Well, maybe we should get to know each other first. How does that sound?” I smiled and walked her to the dance floor. We started dancing, moving our hips to the beat of the music. We could barely hear each other, but that was okay. There was just something about her, and I would love to get to know her. Her smiled, even though drunk, was amazing, and her eyes were this deep brown. I realized that this girl maybe my happiness. It doesn’t matter whether we met drunk or not. I just knew, somehow, some way, that I wanted to be with her. For the first time, since I can remember, I feel like I’ve known her longer than any other girl I’ve been with, including my ex-wife. I grabbed her hips and pushed her against mine, as we grinded to the beat of the music.
“You wanna come home with me?” I asked. She turned around and nodded. And I kissed her. I knew it was bad, but I was here to have a good time and so was she. But I can see myself being with this girl. Something about her makes my heart race, so I know that it must be true.
When we got to the hotel room, I had her in my arms, kissing frantically. I moved down to her neck and picked her up. Her legs around my waist and I pushed her up against a wall to give myself some leverage. She ripped off my shirt and dragged her nails down my back. I moaned and walked over to the bed where I dropped her and practically ripped off her shirt and kissed her chest. I looked at her and she looked back at me, and kissed my lips. I kissed back and started to unbutton her pants, and she did the same for me. I rubbed in between her legs and she moaned. I smiled and took off her underwear and mine afterwards. You can tell where this was going and pretty soon, after about an hour, we finished. I got behind her and cuddle her in my arms. She pressed her back to my chest, wrapper her arm around my arms and closed her eyes. I kissed her head and closed mine as well. The last thing I remember was my phone going off with a call.

The next morning, I had a killer hangover. I couldn’t open my eyes, because if I did, I would endure a worse hell than what I’m in now. I rolled over and felt an empty spot on my bed.
“Callie? Where are you?” I didn’t hear a response so I got up slowly and searched. Nowhere was she found. I felt my heart dropped and walked back to my bed. I looked at my dresser and found a note:
I couldn’t stay with you. Last night I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry. Goodbye

She’s gone.


Eh, kinda short, but I like it, hope you do (: Now it'll be NC-17 and it will be from now on (: Subscribe and vote and comment. Make my day <3 Much Love (:


please update soon!

taxigerm taxigerm

loved this chapter! please update again soon!

taxigerm taxigerm

this is amazing please update soon

I love the unique idea. can't wait for your next update!

taxigerm taxigerm