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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

Unexpected Guest

“Hello your Highness! What will it be for today?” I heard the old baker said from the counter. Mother and I were in town shopping and we just had to stop in for some bread. I know what you must be thinking, why would the Queen and Princess be in town? Well, we don’t believe in servants. Sure we have a few, a cook, a maid here and there, and Murda, who has been there since I could remember, but nothing too extreme.
“We’re just looking, but I would like to place an order for bread. We’re having a dinner tonight and we need bread.” My mother said. He smiled.
“Right away, how many would you like?”
“Oh, about 200. It’s going to be small, but the people that I’m inviting are quite ravenous when it comes to food, I’m afraid.” She gave a small chuckle and went on talking to the baker. I walked around the store and stopped and looked at the wedding cakes he had on display. My mother has always told me that I don’t need a man to run a country, but it does make you lonely. Sitting in a chair, not being able to look next to you, and see a face that will love you until the end of time. I want that. My mother says that I will only need her to guide me, but what about when invaders attack us? We’re a big enough estate, but not big enough to support an army. My thoughts were running through my head when I felt a tug at the end of my dress. I looked down to see a little girl with a flower in her hand.
“Excuse me Your Highness, but I picked this for you.” She said quietly. I smiled and kneeled down. She handed me a white daisy; clearly damaged by her holding it, but I still took it and smiled.
“Why thank you, my lady. I shall put this in a vase and cherish it forever.” Her face brightened and ran toward her mother. I put the flower in my basket and got up. By the time I got up, my mother was walking over to me.
“See, you’ll make a fine queen. Now, let’s head back to the castle, we have some very important business to take off.” She said. I said goodbye to the baker and followed her out of the door. We walked past the flower shop, shoe shop, and the clothing shop all in a blur. With the way mother was hurrying, you could’ve thought we were under attack.
“Mother, why are we in such a rush? The dinner does not start for 6 hours, we’ll be fine.” I said, trying to trip over my dress.
“It’s not that, I have everything prepared for tonight, we need to practice some things before tonight.” She said, weaving out of the crowd. We have always believed that the Royalty are just ordinary people with a job. Yeah, it comes with a crown and fancy jewelry, but we have never thought that we were any better than the people that have lived in the town.
“What kind of practice?” I stopped. “Mother, you don’t mean to say..” I was cut off by Mom.
“Keep your voice down okay? Yes we are. Now come on.” I lowered my head and followed Mother. I never liked her using magic, but I’m not in control of it. Mother says by the time I take the throne, I will be powerful, just like her.
“Mother, please just stop with this. I’ll be fine on my own, without magic. Please don’t make me do this.” I said.
“I have guests that are expecting you to use magic tonight, and you’re going to do so. Now hurry up.” I sighed and kept going. It was only a short distance, but the walk seemed to take forever. Soon, we had gotten to the gates. Mother waved her hand, and the gates opened by themselves. We walked in and were greeted by Murda.
“How was town, my Lady?”
“Perfect. Now if you will excuse us, we have to get ready for tonight. Come along Nyeria.” I said good bye to Murda and followed Mother into the parlor. She was moving around to the dining room when she stopped.
“What’s wrong?” I asked looking around.
“Something doesn’t feel right. I was looking to my left and to my right and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
“Mother what’s going on.”
“Nyeria, go get ready to leave. We have company coming in from sea.” I looked at her with a worried look.
“Company? I thought that they were coming for dinner.”
“Well my child, looks like we’ll be having dinner a little early.”


Chapter 3! I'm taking my time on this story guys. It's gonna be amazing, I promise! (: Vote, comment, and subscribe! <3 Much Love (:


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