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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

Thank You San Francisco

“YOU’VE BEEN A GREAT CROWD SAN FRANCISCO!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!” I yelled into the microphone. The crowd got louder and I bowed, sweat dripping off my forehead. Tonight went great. Our tour was going great, everyone loves our new album. What could happen to this perfect life right? I mean, I have everything that I could want and I’m thankful for everything. I ran off stage and grabbed a towel. Following us was All Time Low. Alex came up to me and patted me on the shoulder.
“Hey, you did great!” Congratulations!” He said.
“Thanks man, we got them warmed up for ya’ll” I said tapping his shoulder. He smiled and ran on stage. The crowd grew louder and he smiled and bowed.
“Give it up for Of Mice & Men, ladies and gents! Now, are you ready to have your mind blown?” Everyone started jumping and screaming, and I smiled and headed to the green room for autographs.
“If you need anything, just let me know. Great show tonight!” Jim, one of our body guards, said.
“Thanks man.” Alan sat next to me. We smelled like sweat, but I highly doubt anyone would care. We were downing some water when the first fans came in. They were mostly girls, with some guys mixed in there. The girls gave us hugs, while the guys shook our hands. We signed autographs while they told us some of their stories. I got up for this one girl and hugged her so tight that I was afraid I might kill her. She started crying and I wiped her tears and told her that that’s what we’re here for. She smiled and said thank you. After about an hour of signing and taking photos, we headed back to the hotel.
“God, thank you for this bed, do not separate us.” I said, before landing on the bed with a thud. The pillows were cold and like a cloud. Whoever invented these pillows, I honor every day. I closed my eyes and were just about to go to bed when I was hit with a pillow.
“You are dead to me.” I mumbled.
“Jeez, Alan, I think he means business. What nice shoes.” Shit. “It would be a shame is something were to happen to them.”
“Why yes, Valentino. It would be a shame. Such nice shoes. Tis a shame if something so horrible were to happen to them.” He said. I shot up.
“You touch my feet, I kill you.” I gave him the look, and if Austin gives you the look, you run. He smiled.
“Come on dude. We got plans.” He said. I groaned.
“Why? But the bed, it’s calling me. We were meant to be.” I said grabbing one of the pillows.
“Austin, come on. We’re in San Francisco. ‘City of whatever is it that looks appealing when you’re drunk.’ Please?” He smiled.
“Fine. Only if I can take my pillow.” I said grabbing my pillow.
“No, I don’t think pillows are allowed where we’re going.” Valentino said. I raised an eyebrow.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“We’re going clubbing.”


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. Been a hectic spring break. /:

Well, there you guys go! Chapter 2! (: Tell me how you like it, don't like it. Whatever it is you're feeling, tell me. Comment, subscribe and vote! It'll make a writer very happy (: Much love <3


please update soon!

taxigerm taxigerm

loved this chapter! please update again soon!

taxigerm taxigerm

this is amazing please update soon

I love the unique idea. can't wait for your next update!

taxigerm taxigerm