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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

Don't Let Go Of The Past

Could this really be happening to me right now? I mean, I’m about to kiss her and there’s a knock on my door? I groaned and looked at the door and then at Nyeira.
“Maybe they’ll go away.” I said quietly. We waited not even 2 minutes later when another knock was heard.
“Austin? I know you’re in there. Please let me in.” Wait, I know that voice. I let go of Nyeria and walked to the door. I opened it slightly to find Callie waiting.
“Can we talk?” She asked. I looked back at Nyeria and then at Callie. I nodded and shut the door. I walked over to Nyeria and kissed her forehead.
“I’ll be right back okay?” She nodded and went into the bedroom. I sighed and walked out the door. I turned to find Callie looking out the mirror at the end of the hallway. I walked over and touched her shoulder.
“Should we go for a walk?”

-Nyeira’s POV-
Okay, he just tried to kiss me. Mother would be furious. I’m not supposed to be fooling around with men, I’m supposed to be getting back to my old time. Before my powers are even more dangerous. Yet, why do I feel this way around him? He cares about me and he wants to help. This is all too confusing. I sighed and laid on the bed. Who was that girl that wanted to see him? Why did he leave with her? Did he like her? Did he want her over me? These thoughts haunted my mind as I waited, and waited. What seemed like hours only were minutes. I turned my head to the green glowing box and found that it read 8:03. Whatever that means. I sat up and tried to find something to do. I very much doubt that he had any crocheting or thread. No paints, or needles. What a boring life he must have. Not being able to sit and experience what goes on in his mind? Thinking and planning for what lies ahead. I walked around the room and decided to go into the room with the magic box is. I looked at and started pressing the buttons until the box lit up. I jumped a little when the woman started talking to me.
“With Of Mice & Men’s new tour coming up, front man Austin Carlile seems to be in over his head. Seen here holding a girl in what seems to be period clothing, has Austin found a new girl, or has he falling for old tricks? Carlile, seen intoxicated, walking out of L.A’s hottest club Head Rush, with merch girl Callie Garcia. Snapshots of Austin and Callie were taking moments ag-“ I turned it off. This can’t be happening. There were so many questions running through my mind. Who was she? What was he doing with her? What is intoxication? I got up ran out the door and turned to go down the stairs when I ran into a body.
“Woah, are you okay?” I heard a male’s voice. I looked up and saw red hair and worried eyes.
“I..don’t..I.” I stuttered.
“Wait, are you Nyeria?” He asked. How did he know my name?
“Yes, and you are?”
“I’m Alan.” He said.

(Austin’s POV)
“What’s going on with you Callie? Why haven’t you talked to me?” I asked breaking the ice. We decided to walk downtown and just talk.
“Look Austin, before you get all pissed off, I need to tell you somethin-“ I cut her off.
“Pissed off? Callie, we had sex and you left. Without warning, without talking. I really liked you Callie, I did. And now you come back, when I’m about to leave for tour and I have Nyeria to look after. I can’t do this: coming back and then leaving? I can’t.” I told her. She sighed and looked down.
“Austin, I’m sorry that I had to leave. I panicked. I woke up and saw Austin fucking Carlile next to me, naked. Do you know how freaked I was? I couldn’t take it and I left. I’m sorry I didn’t call or text. I just, I freaked out.” She said. I looked at her and she started tearing up.
“Callie, I-”
“Austin, I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.”


Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been updating as much, I'm getting ready to go to college and with work and family issues, I haven't been writing as much, but I promise I will be (:

Whaaaaaat? Callie's pregnant? And it's Austin's? Drama!!!!

Comment, subscribe and vote! Make my day (: Much love <3


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