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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

Into Your Arms

“What? That’s crazy. How is she a sorceress? She’s so innocent.” I thought of her in my bed watching Disney movies, with her hair a mess, falling around her face.
“Has she had nightmares? Screaming, crying and sleep walking? Does she keep talking about memories that she is seeing, and things she shouldn’t be seeing? Those are the pre stages of what’s coming your way. And you got stuck in the middle. I’m just saying be careful. And what are you going to do when we leave tomorrow to go back on tour?” Shit, I totally forgot about it. I looked at Alan and he read my mind.
“No way dude, we can’t take her on tour. What would the other guys say and your fans? If she really was from the 1700s, than she won’t be able to handle this. What will you do with her? Think before you speak or act Austin, it’ll be better for you.” Than he walked away. I sighed and turned to face my door. What will I do with her? I had a million thoughts running through my head when the door opened, by itself.
“Nyeria?” I called her name, but no answer.
“Sweetheart, where are you?” Again, no answer. The TV was still on and the computer was laying on the floor. I heard the floor move in the bed room and walked in to find her on the floor, crying. I reached out to touch her shoulder when she shrunk back and got up.
“Why didn’t tell me you were leaving? Were you just going to leave me here?” She started crying harder, and her breathe got short. I tried to hug her, but she pushed me away.
“Nyeria, I was going to tell you, but we were so wrapped up in finding your past, I guess I forgot.” I sighed and looked at her. The look in her eyes hurt me, a lot. They changed, too. The bright purple that once looked so happy and innocent, were now a dark purple, almost black. Her face had this expression of hurt and betrayal written all over it.
“Why? Why did you lead me on?” She said, breaking the silence.
“I’m sorry?” I asked, confused.
“Why did you let me stay here and act like you wanted to help. I let you stay in the same bed as me, Austin. I let you see the side of me that wants to come out, but I’ve been fighting to keep back. Why didn’t you tell me I was a burden?” She said, talking faster and faster. I tried walking toward her, she’d take two steps back. Finally, I heard her back hit the wall. I smirked and kept walking up to her.
“Austin, why didn’t you tell me?” She kept asking. I smiled and moved my hand up to her face. Her cheek was warm and wet from the tears. I wiped one away as it was falling. I took a long time to study her face. It was red and tired. Yet somehow, deep down, I knew that this girl liked to have fun. I just know it.
“Listen, I didn’t tell you, because I thought that you couldn’t handle it, but I know you can, and I know that I’m not leaving you stuck in this world okay? I promise.” I kissed her forehead and looked at her. She had calmed down, but something wasn’t right. I took a step back and she followed.
“Can I ask you something?” She asked quietly. I nodded, keeping my composure. She looked down and reached around her neck to untie her necklace. It dropped into her hand and then she handed it to me. “Can you hold on to this for me?” She smiled and I grabbed it out of her hand, yet when I grabbed it, I felt a burning sensation and I dropped it on accident.
“Son of a bitch!” I mumbled while grabbing my hand. She looked at me with a worried look and I knew she was blaming herself. “No, I’m fine. It just burned a little. I’m gonna go wrap this up okay?” I told her. She nodded and followed me to the bathroom. I grabbed the first aid kit from my bag, because if you’re with Alan, you need a first aid kit. I grabbed the burn kit and started fixing my hand. I looked closed to examine it. It started to bubble and turn this bright red. I quickly put the ointment on it and wrapped it up. I looked up at Nyeria and she was studying how I was playing doctor with my hand. I got done, put the kit away and grabbed her hand with my good one, and walked out to the living room/ kitchen.
“Nyeria, can I do something? If you don’t want to after, I completely understand okay?” She nodded. I got up close to her, grabbed her cheek with my hand. I looked her in the eyes and leaned into. Then there was a knock on my door.


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, with work and packing for college, I haven't had time to get on and write ):

Well that was lovely, who's at the door? Will Austin finally get to kiss Nyeria? And will she let him? Leave your comments and thoughts below! Comment, vote and subscribe. Make my day/night <3 Much Love


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