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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

This Isn't DIsney

“We’re not going back to that light machine thing. Can’t we just do it my way and look at books?” She whined as we were sitting there. I laughed.
“Nyeria, I love your old fashion ways, but with you being almost 300 years old, and your history is more fucked up than I had realized, we have to look at the computers.” I kissed her head. We were snuggled up on the couch watching Disney movies for the night. I figured that since she is a real princess, I’d let her watch every Disney princess movie I could find. For the most part, she was fine. At first she was just amazed that it was moving in a box and had lights. I laughed at her face when I turned it on. But now she was just asking questions about everything.
“Why would a mermaid want to live on the surface? Mermaids have the most amazing lifestyle.” I laughed.
“Because her true love lives on land. People would just about anything for the ones that they love.” I look at her and smiled. She was wearing my sweat pants and a big tee shirt and she looked just about cute as a kitten.
“But won’t she miss her family?”
“You’ll just have to see.” I kissed her hand and turned my attention to the movie.

-45 minutes later-

“See I told you, they let her be with him.” I said. She smiled and looked at her. Her purple eyes were glowing and it was like looking at the Northern Lights.
“What movie are we watching next?”
“Tangled.” She gave me a weird look. I laughed and popped in the movie. “It’s about Rapunzel.” She still had the same look on her. “Just watch the movie. I’ll get on my computer and see what I can find.” I grabbed my laptop and sat it on my lap. She was watching intently while I was looking up her history. I can’t believe that a girl that is supposed to be dead is on my couch and watching Disney movies like a little kid.
“Let’s watch this one.” I pulled out Tangled. Yeah I have a Disney collection. She smiled while I was loading the movie, I was also firing up the computer. How am I going to find out more about her past than she remembers? I can’t find a place to start. Should I start from the very beginning? My thoughts were stopped when there was a knock on the door. She jumped to go get it when I grabbed her shoulders.
“Stay here okay?” She nodded and got behind me. I open it to find Alan standing there in flannel pants and no shirt.
“Hey Austin, I was ju-.” He stopped when his eyes met Nyeria. “I didn’t know you had company. I’ll let you go.” He went to turn around when Nyeria jumped from behind me to touch his shoulder.
“No don’t go. I’m Nyeria Rose. Pleased to meet you.” She bowed and he looked at me weird. I shook my head and he grabbed her hand.
“Alan Ashby. Pleased as well. May I speak to Austin for a moment?” I smiled and kissed her forehead. I walked out and closed the door when Alan grabbed my arm and dragged me away.
“Do you have any idea who that is?” He whispered.
“Look I know she acts weird but she’s pretty cool, Alan.” He shook his head.
“Did you not pay any attention in History? She claims she’s Nyeria Rose. Nyeira Rose was the daughter of the most powerful queen in the 1700s. What history didn’t know was that her mother was training her to be a powerful sorceress. Her mother was a witch, Austin. And you’re in the cross fire of her daughter transforming into one.”


Hey loves, I'm sorry I haven't been updating in a while. It's been so hectic with graduation and getting ready for college, but I do promise that I will be posting more.

Alan knows about Nyeria and her past? And what will Austin do now that he knows? Leave comments and thoughts below! Subscribe and vote too!!! Much Love <3


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