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A Fairy Tale Gone Insane

Off To The Market

Welcome to Grendale, small kingdom; population of 1367. National food is a fig and panther is the animal that proud these lands where we walk among them. Me, you ask? I’m the princess of Grendale, I’m Nyeria-Rose. 19, getting ready to become like my mother, the Queen. No husband, no tying of two kingdoms, just me and my way of ruling. Well, with my mother by my side. You see, I’m like her in a way. She ruled with no man telling her what to do. Just she and everyone loved her. No one tried to overrule her reign. She showed everyone kindness and yet she would be aggressive when need be. No one had a problem with a woman ruling with no man. It was 1709 and times were changing. They said when she was giving the crown, that this was a long start to a long reign of women. And I would be following in her footsteps. It’s crazy, actually, that you could go from playing with horses and mud, to sitting in a throne giving orders. I remember when I was little, my mother would throw tea parties and make the knights sip tea and eat figs with us. Just to teach me how to eat, drink and chat accordingly with nobles and the highest of estate. I sighed, smiling at the memory.
“Thinking, aren’t we?” I heard from my chamber door. I turned to find my mother and her lady in waiting, Murda. I smiled and bowed.
“Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there mother.” I walked to hug her. “Hello, Murda.” I turned and gave her a hug as well. She smiled.
“Good morning my Lady.” She said. I smiled and looked at Mother.
“So, what are we doing today?” She laughed.
“Always the anxious one around here. I’ve got a list of things to do in town. Why not come with me?” I smiled and walk over to my dress closet. I picked out a royal green velvet dress with gold accents and with tight sleeves. I look back at Mother and she smiled. Murda walked over and dragged me behind the changing curtain.
“You know, I was hoping that you and I could discuss the throne power once we leave. There are a few questions I have for you my dear.” I heard.
“Mother, please tell me that you’re not trying to get me to find someone, are you?” I poked my head out from behind the curtain.
“No, but I know you’re about to turn 20, and getting ready to take the throne in a few weeks. I know you are very excited, but you can’t rule an entire kingdom by yourself, even with me by your side. So I have a little extra ‘help’ for you.” She reaches in her gown pocket and pulls out a gold chain with a white crystal.
“Mother, it’s beautiful!” I gawked over the colors that appeared when it hits sun light. It has a glow to it that just leave your brain to wonder how God can create such a beautiful thing.
“I thought you’d like it. I had it hand-placed and hand cut for your 20th birthday. But I thought it’d be just the perfect start to our day together.” She smiled and twirled her finger around. I moved my hair and she latched the chain around my neck.
“Now my dear, I want you to know that with this necklace comes enormous power. It is not only beautiful, but it is more than what it appears. Kind of like a diamond in the rough, if you will.” She laughed. Murda smiled and finished lacing my dress up.
“It is beautiful my lady. Looks ravishing on you.” She smiled, nodded her head and walked out the door.
“Now if you are ever in any sort of trouble. Just hold this in your right hand and say ‘with this pendant, you have my heart.’ It will protect you.” I gave her a puzzling look. “You never now Nyeria. One day your kingdom may be falling and you may need protection. But we will worry about that when the time comes. Now to the market!”


Hey guys! First Austin Carlile story (: Tell me what you think and if you like it (: It'll flip back and forth between Austin and Nyeria for a while (: I may change it to NC-17, but for now it'll be rated R. Comment, subscribe and vote! (: Much Love <3 (:


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