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Pretty Little Lady.

Pretty Little Lady With Your Swollen Eyes,


“Mmm, pizza…” Lucy sighed happily as she bit on her second piece, “I think if I could, I’d live off of pizza, pasta and ice cream.”

I laughed at her and bit into my pizza, “I think I would too,” I said, “But, I have to admit, cookies have got to be in there too.”

“Oh! I totally forgot about them,” she giggled, “Good thinking batman, cookies, pizza, pasta and ice cream. Sounds like heaven to me.”

“What would you drink though?” I laughed.

“Oh, uh, good question. I think probably beer, water and Pepsi!”

“You’re a Pepsi girl, huh?” I smiled.

“Sure am! That a problem, boyo?” she said, repeatedly prodding me in the arm.

“Ow,” I said, rubbing the bit she was repeatedly prodding whilst she (adorably) giggled, “No problem, miss.”

She smiled triumphantly, “Good,”

“You’re adorable, you know that?” I said and her cheeks flashed with a tint of pink.

We’d finished our pizza and we had watched a couple films and we were now sitting on my sofa, talking. I couldn’t get enough of this man. He was amazing. I could listen to him talk for days and not get bored, I swear to you.

“So, have you started writing your new album yet?”

“I have a couple of songs down.” he smiled, in fact, his whole face lit up. It was easy to tell that his music meant a lot to him and that he loved to do it. But at the same time, he wasn’t this arrogant band guy that only cared about sex and drugs. He wasn’t like that at all.

“Oh really?” I smiled, “Are you happy with your lyrics so far?”

“Yeah, it’s going to be quite an angry album, I think,” He paused, “There’s just some anger I need to let out, you know?”

“I see,” I smiled softly, not knowing how to carry the conversation on without seeming really ignorant and blatantly asking him what he’s got to be angry about.

“I have a lot of anger from my ex-wife, she cheated on me, and I don’t know, it still just gets me angry, I guess.” He said softly. It was as if he'd read my mind.

I nodded understandingly, “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

“Thank you, that’s sweet of you,” he smiled, “I like speaking to you.”

“I like speaking to you, too,” I said, giggling a little.

I then stood up to clear up all the mess we had made in my living room and I grabbed two coronas, bringing them back to the living room with me and setting one in Austin’s lap. “To making new friends,” I said and we clashed our beers together.

A few hours later, Austin had to leave. I was just about to walk him to the front door when my phone started ringing. Austin and I looked for it around my living room but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Austin tapped me on the shoulder and was laughing, handing me my phone.

“It was in your back pocket this whole time.”

“Oh jeez,” I laughed before sliding to answer my older brothers phone call. My face automatically dropped at the sound of my older brother’s panicked voice and the words coming out of his mouth. I hung up the phone and dropped to the floor.

“You alright little lady?” Austin asked, his voice laced with concern.

“I, uh… You should go,” I said, getting up and turning away from him.

“What? Why?” he said, running over to me as I started to walk away, he turned me around and seen my tear stained face, “What happened? Who called you?”

“My brother called me,” I sighed, trying to keep my tears away, I was in total shock right now, “My dad.. He's dead, he killed himself.”

“Shh, shh, it’s okay,” He cooed as I sobbed and I felt him pull me into a hug and after a few minutes he pulled away, wiping away the tears I hadn't realised I'd even spilled. I sighed softly and he pulled me close to him, kissing my forehead over and over whilst I sobbed uncontrollably. “I’m sorry, I feel like a dickhead now,” He sighed.

“Don’t be silly,” I sighed, “it’s not your fault.”

“I still feel like a dickhead. I’m so, so sorry. Can I do anything? If you don’t want to talk then that’s okay – I know we barely know each other.”

“No, really, it’s okay. I’m comfortable with you,” I sighed as my tears began to subside, “Can you just stay with me a little while till I figure out what I’m going to do?”

“Of course,” he smiled softly and walked us to my bedroom and set me down on it.

I curled up into a little ball, softly crying again, “Oh god, Austin, what am I going to do?”

“Everything’s going to be okay sweetie, don’t you worry.” He said softly, kissing my hair and cuddling me from behind. “I’m so so sorry this has happened to you, so sorry.” He said as he petted my hair and I gripped onto his shirt, sobbing again.

“You think so?”

“I know so,” he smiled, cuddling me again and kissing me on the forehead. I sighed happily. “Go to sleep, I’ll be right here. I’ll leave as soon as you are asleep, I promise.”

I hesitated and fought with him for a moment before finally giving in. We both lay down on my bed and I pulled the covers over my body and curled into Austin, my head on his chest and I quite enjoyed the feeling of falling asleep to his steady heartbeat and his fingers running softly up and down my back.


Last pre-written update! Will write out part 2 to this chapter tomorrow and it'll be up tomorrow night! :D thank you for reading :)


This is amazing, please keep going!!

I love it so much! Please continue with this! (: It's amazing (:

Very interested to see where this goes :). I wanna know why her dad killed himself. Can't wait for more.

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