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You're Not Alone You're With Me: An Alan Ashby Fan Fiction

Chapter 31: You're Seriously Leaving Me

FINAL CHAPTER!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this!!!:)

Chapter 31:
Daniella's POV: I look to see Alan lying next to me on the beach. "Alan wake up!" "We need to get home!" We get home and I see Austin running around the house with a towel on. Oh yeah I still haven't moved out yet. "AUSTIN!" I yell. "Oh hell sorry Dani." I laugh as I go and grab the boxes I had packed and start loading them into Alan's car. Evie looks at me with sad eyes “You’re seriously leaving me?” “Yeah but hey you have Austin! You no longer need me Evie and besides I’m always a phone call away.” I say with tear filled eyes. Evie and I had grown close over the year and it was sad to leave her…Kirsten and I haven’t talked in two years so Evie was the only other person besides Austin and Alan I could count on to be there for me. I take a final look at my room and the house and say goodbye to everyone and get into Alan’s car and drive away. We get to his house and unpack my stuff. "I'm home." I say because I was happy to call it home.
Alan's POV:
***1 week later***
“Alan I have something to tell and it’s seriously important.” I look at Dani whose shaking her legs I give her a nervous and slightly worried look and say "what do you want to tell me love?" She looks at me with scared eyes and starts biting her lip I could tell her nerves were shot. “Love seriously what is it?” I ask her once more and then I hear her say "Alan I-I'm Pregnant."


~OMG I feel so ashamed for ending this fanfiction on a cliffhanger!!! But now you guys have a SEQUEL to look forward to!!! First chapter will be up in 2 days!!!!! But I want to know what did you guys think of this one altogether please comment so i can have some feedback on how to make the sequel EVEN BETTER!!!! I appreciate you guys taking time to read this it seriously means alot!:)


Soo cute!! <3

Awe that was so sweet!!!

Ashleyxx Ashleyxx

Omg you need to update!!!!!!

Ashleyxx Ashleyxx

Oh damn DRAMA

Screw_it Screw_it