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You're Not Alone You're With Me: An Alan Ashby Fan Fiction

Chapter 2: Letting Go

night that may haunt me for good.
Chapter 2:
Daniella’s Pov: I look at the clock its 11:30am I hop out of bed and grab a quick shower then my phone vibrates Alan flashes across the screen “good morning Dani after the show tonight there is something important I really have to tell you see you then.” I get dressed after 3 hours in sweats. I throw on a t-shirt, skinny jeans, a distressed jacket and vans. And throw my hair in a ponytail and head out the door. I sit in my car for a few minutes before leaving. Wondering what Alan has to tell me that is so important. I don’t know whether to be excited or worried I finally leave my driveway and embark on the 4 hours and 30 minute drive. I turn up the stereo and jam out to a playlist I created forever ago. Time passes by rather fast and next thing I know I’m there staring the venue straight in the face my nerves kick in trying to prevent me from going inside but I do anyways. The show starts and I see Alan on stage he looks at me with a blank expression on his face. I knew I should be worried I run out into the hall. My breathing is heavy Alan seen me run away I know he did. I sit there bouncing my legs nervously when Alan walks up and sits down beside me. “Don’t say it I know exactly what you’re going to say, you’re here to tell me that your life is too complicated to balance work and feelings right now I completely get it I will walk out of here and leave you alone and that’s a promise.” I get up and walk out of the venue and I get into my car and break down in tears. I really liked him I’ve had a crush on Alan Ashby forever and now it all just needs to melt away. I pull out of the parking lot only to see Alan standing there with sad eyes and tears in mine. I drive off never to speak to Alan Ashby again.
Alan’s Pov: I stand outside and watch her drive away I still haven’t sorted through my feelings anyways. She was crying because the light was reflecting off her tears. I head back inside and start strumming on my guitar like I always do when I’m upset. “Hey dude cheer up there are plenty of other girls you will find another one like her someday.” Austin’s words still didn’t reassure me but at least he tried. I go to my bunk and close the curtain I just wanted to be left alone. I fall asleep and wake up a few hours later we were already on our way to the next city which was more depressing but once again I put my feelings on lockdown for the greater good. The next show was brutal we ended with Another You and that messed with me bad! I just wanted to drop my guitar in the middle of the song and walk offstage but I didn’t. I just wanted it all to be over with.
Daniella’s Pov: 4 months has passed since I last talked to Alan the American Dream Tour was over with I’ve thought a million times about texting him but haven’t because I thought maybe he has moved on and I better not bother him. I can’t bring myself to listen to Of Mice & Men anymore it’s just too painful I’ve adapted to Memphis May Fire and not even that helps I still think about it every day and it sucks.
Alan’s Pov: 4 months and still haven’t heard from her I’ve let it go it was time to stop holding on and dwelling on the past I’ve been depressed long enough and I just let go. Loads of girls have been falling over themselves for my attention but none of them matter anymore I’ve secluded myself from more damage than I’ve already had.



Soo cute!! <3

Awe that was so sweet!!!

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Omg you need to update!!!!!!

Ashleyxx Ashleyxx

Oh damn DRAMA

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