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The Calm

Chapter 44

-Alan’s POV-

Here I sat, in this hospital waiting room just wanting to know if she was okay. They had to take her into surgery and I wasn’t allowed to know much since I technically wasn’t fully family.

Her parents were on their way and this wasn’t how I wanted them to find out about the engagement. They hated my life style and me. Brook was a model though and they should know how that goes.

Brook was my life.

I was surrounded by my friends and that meant the world to me.

Scarlett was even here. I didn’t really tell the guys that Austin was kind of M.I.A.

They didn’t ask her anything, probably because the party never really even got started.

This is what I’m doing to get my mind off of the fact that my fiancée may never come back to me.

“Scar, why hasn’t Austin showed up?” Aaron asked her. Her face went ghost white and then she immediately stared at me.

Her face was in a complete panic. Everyone stared at her waiting for an answer.

I knew I had let her down and that I had to speak up.

“Guys, please leave the subject of him alone.” I said.

Scar got up and ran out of the waiting room.

“I’m sorry what did I do?” Aaron asked.

They stared at me now.

“Guys, Austin’s missing…” I said.

“What?” Tino said.

“Alan why the hell are you just telling us this now?” Phil said.

“Explain, Alan, I need to go see if she’s okay.” Amanda said.

“She won’t be okay until he shows up and explains why the hell he did this. I haven’t even heard from him. I’m sorry I never wanted any of this to be this way.” I said, pissed at myself.

“Where the hell did he go?” Phil asked.

“He disappeared on Scarlett after she told him everything and… I just don’t understand this.” Aaron said.

“I wish I knew, you guys I can’t handle this, I can’t…” and that’s when I broke down and lost it all.

-Scarlett’s POV-

Here I am in the restroom balling over Austin. Alan didn’t tell them and I couldn’t blame him, not now.

The door opened and I tried to compose myself.

“Scar, don’t come here.” Amanda said as she extended her arms towards me.

“I just don’t understand.” I said as I cried into her arms.

“I know, but I’m sure he has a reason and that he will come back to you.” She said.

“I told him everything though and maybe that’s why he left me for good.”

“Scar, when he hasn’t even contacted any of his band members, it’s not just because of you. Look, Aaron wants me to go home and bring you with me. We can have some wine, watch a movie, and have a little sleep over…if we are needed back here Aaron promises that he will call us. So what do you say, does that sound like a plan?” Amanda asked.

“Yeah I guess so” I answered.

“Let me fix your face a little dear, you’ve got some major mascara smears.” She said and we both laughed.

We walked out of the bathroom after fixing my face and Alan was standing there.

“Scar…I’m sorry, you have to know that.” He said.

His face was red and I could tell he was crying.

I went and hugged him because that was all I could do at this point.

I pulled away and grabbed his face.

“Look at me Ashby. She’s going to pull through this and you need me you call me okay?” I said and he nodded, both of us hugged again.

Amanda had situated me with a glass of wine as she went to shower.

I decided to go on twitter, which was obviously a terrible idea, but I did it anyway.

There was Brook and Alan’s tweets, which broke my heart.

AlanAshby: I did it! @brook07 and I are engaged! So happy!

Brook07: Can’t wait to celebrate my engagement tonight with all our friends! #FutureMrsAshby

AlanAshby: This can’t be happening.

How the hell wasn’t Austin seeing this? I mean he couldn’t be on that much of a remote place could he?

I hadn’t tweeted since Vic and I were together in the middle of Warped.

ScarHarris: Love touring with my man @piercethevic

ScarHarris: I love you @piercethevic

ScarHarris: So sad that Warped is almost over!

And that was the last tweet; guess it’s time to break the silence.

ScarHarris: I know I haven’t tweeted, but I’m asking for your prayers. @Brook07 was in a terrible car accident tonight and I know @AlanAshby would appreciate you guys keeping her in your thoughts. Xoxo.

There, that was appropriate and not being that obnoxious girl who is like “I miss you come back”, though part of me wishes that tweet would get Austin’s attention, and I know that’s selfish of me.


Another update! Woohoo!

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It's fine I'm just too emotional over fanfiction.

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Awe! Sorry that I made you cry!

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I actually cried. Correction I am crying. Why?!?!?!?!?!?

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