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When You Fall Asleep Tonight (Sequel To My Understandings)

High Hopes

After Vic left, going home early, I sat watching Taylor’s performance while tweeting a few fans and band members at Twitter.
Ellie Schmitt: @TylerCarter4L can’t wait to see you at Warped! Your band @issues is so amazing, we have to collab together.
Tyler Carter: @EllieSNS that can be arranged! ;) your band is tots talented and I wanna hear more of your screams. Congrats on the baby.
I smiled and patted the bump.
“See you and Tyler are flirting it up via Twitter over there.”Tony says while handing me a milkshake and sitting next to me. In the eight days since we first talked, we’ve been inseparable. His company is nice and even though he’s quite, he’s a fun person to chill with in general.
“What are you-”
“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you two twitting each other.” He said while sending me a grin. “Do you have a thing for Tyler?” he asked. I shake my head.
“I just gotten out of a relationship and I haven’t had time to grieve over it.” I say while staring into the crowd. “Plus, Tyler is dating Michael Buhn.”
“Grieve?” he asks, ignoring my second comment.
“I can’t stop to think about it, because my mind is racing trying to keep up with things for the next couple months. I haven’t had time to realize Austin and I…..” I sighed and stared at the floor. Austin and I are really done. He hasn’t contacted me in weeks. He dumped me for a second time. “Done.” I finally whisper out. Tony looks at me, oblivious to me brief moment of silence. “Austin and I are done.” I start to twiddle my thumbs as the heartache finally enters my body. I can’t believe it. After all we’ve been through, this is really how we would end? I just gained him back in my life little less than a year ago. This, this can’t be it.
My phone buzzes in my pocket and I slide it open, without even looking at the notification. I wish I did. It was a picture from Austin on Twitter. A picture of a jewelry store.
Time to move on.
The caption read. And next to him was a bimbo Play Bunny girl. I always knew he was a big flirt, but who knew he would rebound that quickly after a break-up.
My body went in shut down mode. The phone slipped from my hands while my body began shaking. I couldn’t find my breath. It crashed to the floor along with my phone. My whole mind process finally shut down, as if finding the switch to shut everything down. Nothing came in as a reception and nothing came out as an answer.
“Ellie? Oh my god, you’re having an anxiety attack!” Tony whispered yelled. A sob found its way out of my body as I crashed to the floor in a frantic speed. I continued to shake and cry as Tony cradled me in his arms.
“Shhh. It’s going to be okay. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.” Each breath came in and out as a shaky breath. “Just breath.” I continued to cry as the words replayed in my head.
Time to move on.
“I know it hurts. I do, but you have to stay strong. For your baby, and for your fans.” My sobs quieted down to a whimper as Tony nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck calming me down. He’s moved on. Within weeks, he’s moving on to someone new.
“You know what you need?” he asked me. I shrug my shoulders and continued to sniffle.
“A companion. Well, were getting a dog. And since you’re staying with us for a while, you can help us pick.” I nodded. I just didn’t trust my voice. Afraid something I may regret come out.
I don’t think I can ever move on. It’s impossible.

I laid in Vic’s bed again. Just thinking about today. One more event and it’s Warped.
The baby kicked again and I chuckled.
“You ready to get out aren’t ya? Hold on just a little longer.” I say with a smile. “You know how many uncles you have? Uncle Shayley, David, Vic, Alan, Phil, Tino, Aaron, Kellin, and more. And aunt Lynzie, Jolie, Katelynne, Taylor, Miley, and your grandma.” I smile a little knowing that my baby will have a grandmother. “Your dad and your awesome friends who stop by on a daily basis. And your cousins Kenadee, Copeland,”
“That’s a big family and a big bump.” Someone knocks on the open door and walks in.
“Sup Victor.” I say. “”It is isn’t it? And it’s only seven months.” lately, the bump has grown. It doesn’t even look like I’m seven. it looks like I could give birth right now or I’m carrying twins.
“Hello Elizabeth.” He mimics. “Excited for the puppy we’re getting?” he asks while taking a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Totally. I guess.” I really didn’t care for dogs. Except maybe Austin’s dog and my mom’s dog. But I’m more of a cat person.
“Let me guess, you hate dogs.” He says with a pronounced frown on his face.
“No! No. it’s not that I hate them, I just don’t particularly favor them.” Now it was my turn to frown.
“Chill! I’m just messing with ya!” he says while playfully punching me in the arm. I laugh and rub my arm.
“Oh.” I say. Vic sighs and looks at me. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to stay with Zach in Michigan because sooner or later, Austin is going to be here.”
“Why did you and Austin break up anyway?” he asks.
“He said I was touring too much and I shouldn’t be basically be doing anything because I’m pregnant.” Vic snorts, which surprises me. I thought he would be quick to agree.
“Bullshit.” he says. “He is constantly writing for the album, putting his fans before you, and did he even tell you about going to the UK to set up a tour with Oli?” I shake my head. Not even Alan told me and he would be the one to say something before Austin. Now I’m hurt because Austin has been acting like a two-faced bitch the whole time he bitched about me. “He missed your birthday, I mean, he doesn’t seem like the caring boyfriend he seems to be.” And Vic had a point. Austin did miss my birthday, going to a party to celebrate the completion of writing the album while I stayed at my house with my band and friends and family having a good time. No one mentioned Austin because everyone knew.
And that hurt me the most. I can’t believe he would do that me. that bastard. But, being mad at him won’t help considering no matter how much of an asshole he’s been, I still love him so much. He may be an asshole, but he was my asshole. And now, I don’t even have that.

“You know, you’re an asshole.” Beau says to me. Valerie glares at me, agreeing with her husband.
“Tell me something I don’t know.” I murmur.
“And she’s pregnant! Honestly Austin, what the hell goes through your mind? It's not logic! that's for sure. 'Because she tours so much' I ought to….” She gets up and walks away, still mentally cursing me. I sigh and let my head drop into my hands.
“Please Beau. I’m trying my hardest right now.” I say. And I really am. I’m on my way to Long Beach, but I stopped in San Diego to talk to Beau and Valerie who were staying in a nearby hotel for Beau’s show. I don’t even know where my pregnant ex-girlfriend is. I knew that staying with Vic was only temporarily because she knows that if she continued to stay there, I would’ve been there in a heartbeat.
“Out of all stupid things, you choose this.” He begins.
“What do you mean?” I ask while sitting on the couch.
“You got in a fight, okay. You could’ve given her time to cool off. You could’ve called her name, came after her. you could’ve spun her around, kissed her and have make up sex on the wall.”I open my mouth to say she’s pregnant, but he cuts me off. “You could’ve had oral sex, anal, my point is Austin, you had options, and that wasn’t one of them.” Beau shakes his head disapprovingly.

*A week later*
“Thank you once again San Diego, here’s Blessthefall!!” I yelled with a wave before walking off stage. I quickly threw my blonde hair up in bun and walked towards the backstage door. The guys were all on side stage with my suitcase and guitar case. I walked over to them and brought them in a hug. Tony and Vic had tears in their eyes. I was going to Michigan, Zach had given me the okay to go.
“We’re going to miss you.” Vic whispered, his hand rubbing my back. I hug him a little tighter. It’s nice to have at least one ex-boyfriend in a good friendship.
But, you did cheat on him with your own band mate.
And I quickly released from the hug, guilt forming on my face.
“I’m going to miss you.” I gave them all one last hug, hugging Tony a little longer for our new friendship, and took my bag, walking towards the door until,
“Ellie,” I look to see the band paused for a brief moment. Beau had a cheesy grin on his face.
“They want you to sing Valerie’s vocals on Open Water.” Mike said. I hesitated.
“Come on, Ellie, Ellie, Ellie,” Beau had the crowd spiked up in a chant of my name. they continuously clapped their hands and screamed my name for me to come on stage. I hesitated, I had a flight to catch, but I let a smile form on my face as I set my belongings down. I nodded and walked back onstage someone handing me a microphone. When I turned around, they were gone. Vic, Jaime, Tony, and Mike. I sighed and walked onstage as the crowd became hushed. The band started off where Beau left. I quietly sung along with. But when the second verse came, I smiled and let the words pour out of my mouth and into the speakers. Into the crowd, into my home. My family.
Love like a dream, like you’re never waking
Love like your last, like the sky is falling
Should’ve known better, should’ve known better
But you see through all the lines and then
Prove I’m not like all of them
Should’ve known better, should’ve known better
Ooo, ahh.” I had tears coming out of my eyes as I looked at the crowd waving their hands in the air. I looked at Beau who had a smile on his face. I sung along with Beau, sticking our hands in the crowd, seeing the sad looks on everyone’s face. During the break the crowd began waving their cellphones, capturing the beautiful moment.
Sing me something that’ll bring me to my knees
That’ll put my mind at ease
Please tell me anything
We can build this like a dream
Let’s make believe, just you and me.” Beau slung an arm around my shoulder as he spun me around to the side stage. I tried to turn around, but he kept my focused right there. I heard the door open and I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion as I continued to sing.
Sing me something that’ll bring me to my knees
That’ll put my mind at ease
Please tell me anything
We can build this like a dream
Let’s make believe, just you and me,” And I stare at it. His figure, walking towards me with a cheesy grin on his face. He was walking as if he was God, like the fucking stage belonging to him which made me snort internally.
“Austin.” I whispered regardless of how pissed I am. Beau continued singing without me as Austin walked towards me.
“Hey.” He whispered. I didn’t see it coming because I was too lost in my own thoughts to have cared. Austin bent his head and crashed his lips into mines. I was too shocked at first to respond, but it didn’t take long for my hands to clutch the microphone and my lips to move against his. There was urgency and a longing that transferred between our kiss. With Beau’s lyrics in the back ground, it really did felt like a dream.
His hands were first cupping my cheeks, but soon traveled down to my hips where he rested his hands gently there. He traced light circles on my skin, making me open my mouth to invite his tongue to linger with mines. I had forgotten about the anger I had directed towards him and the fact that deep down I felt confused. Instead I enjoyed the kiss I was sharing with Austin, relishing in the idea that he is here, he's right here on stage kissing me. When he pulled back our breathing was husky. He quickly pulled back and got down on one knee. My eyes went wide as I stared at the man kneeled before me. My moth dropped, silently muttering 'what the hell?'
“Elizabeth, will you marry me?” he asked with sadness lingering in his eyes. It was my turn to sing again, so I brought the microphone back to my lips, avoiding his question.
You are the one I waited for, I knew it all along.” I sang the final line, the pressure building up in my stomach. When the song ended, everything was quiet.
“Austin I-”


Sorry it's kinda all over the place, but whoa there!



There's a sequel! Don't worry!!!

NO YOU CAN"T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! -sobs-

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