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When You Fall Asleep Tonight (Sequel To My Understandings)

Congratulations I Hate You

"Uh, I hate being pregnant. I can't see my feet and the damn Butt keeps kicking the hell out of me." Vic looked at me questioningly.
"You named your baby Butt?"
"No, but it's acting like one. It thinks my stomach is its personal kicking bag and it hurts." I groan and throw my head back on the seat.
"Keep your fanny pants on, we're almost to the coliseum. Then you can lash out on the AA boys." I mumble some profanities. "Hey, you better be nice to me. Or I'll stop tying your shoes for you." He said.
"NO! I need you!" I pouted ad folded my arms over my chest, well, more like on my belly.
"That's what I thought." He smirked, but never let his eyes leave the road.
"Sometimes, you're a bigger ass than Mike is sometimes."

“What’s up San Diego!” the crowd cheers back at me and I smile a genuine smile for the first time in weeks. “You all love Asking Alexandria don’t we!” more people scream. “Well, here’s a song dedicated to them and their new album From Death To Destiny, here’s Ice!” people scream and thanks to the earplug, it only sounded like a soft buzz. I decided to not let Austin ruin my pride.
My mouth is frozen so I can't even speak
What a disappointment, I had it perfectly
What I was going to bring up suddenly
Stood like a stone as you stood quietly
You're making it hard for me
All I can do is freeze.” The energy from the crowd and the constant wolf calls from the AA boys made me feel so happy. With the giant jersey Mike loaned me, my bump wasn’t as noticeable. But it didn’t matter if it was there or not. This crowd was my home. I couldn’t do much prancing and jumping, but I stuck my hand in the crowd and gave them all a tight squeeze.
I'm looking at you looking at me, what can I do but say sorry
It's a little late but you know I just want you to be happy.
What I got to say to make you let me get away with it this time.
I know you're upset and that you're happy just to sit and hate me,
But I'll make a bet that you'll be better to forget about me,
Even better yet I'll let a little light melt the ice, ice baby!
My mouth is frozen so I can't even speak
I'm not the type to say sorry constantly.
I really meant what I sang too. I’m not going to apologize to Austin constantly for living my life. I’m here for a reason and that reason is to make music and make people smile.
I tried to do you right, why'd you have to go and turn to ice.” I felt the baby kick as if saying “Good job.”
“Here’s Asking Alexandria bitches!” I yell. I walk off to side stage and Ben stops me.
“Hey Ellie.”
“Hey Ben.”
“Congrats on your pregnancy. If you need anything, I’m here.” I smile and pull him in for a hug.
“Ben, mate come on!” Sam yells. He pecks me on the cheek before running on stage, grabbing his guitar in the process. I smile and walk to side stage, sitting on a chair.
“Tired are we?” I look behind me and see Tony heading towards me with milkshakes from Chik-Fil-A.
“Sup Tony Perry.” I never really knew the rest of Pierce the Veil as well as I did Vic. He took a seat next to me and handed me a milkshake.
“Thanks.” He nods. From what I can tell, Tony is a quiet person. His company was delightful though. We watched the rest of the show and how pumped up each member of AA was. What got me the most was the acoustic version of Someone, Somewhere.
But when the show ended, I was grateful. The leather pants were too tight, the combat boots where itching and Mike’s jersey was starting to feel more like a giant night gown.
“Ready?” Tony asked. I nodded and got up, wobbling a bit. We began the walk outside the coliseum. “Do you know the sex of the baby?” he asked as we climbed in his car. I shook my head.
“We wanted it to be a surprise.” I say with a sigh.
“We?” he asked. Apparently no one filled him in the loop.
“Austin and I.” he mutter a silent “Oh.” The car ride back consist of Tony playing soft rock music while I stayed asleep.
“Ellie?” someone started shaking me. “Ellie.” I groaned and turned over, burying my face in the…..pillow. I sat straight up. I rubbed my groggy eyes and saw I was in someone’s bed room. I was still in my clothes from earlier.
“How’d I get here?” I asked no one.
“Jaime carried you in. you are surprisingly light.” I groaned and fell backwards, only to clench my teeth and hiss.
“Are you okay?” a figure was next to me and judging by the silhouette of the hair, it was Vic. The pain was horrible. It felt as if the thing was trying to claw out from my stomach.
“Son of a bitch.” I hissed.
“How bad does it hurt?” my hand shot out and enclosed around Vic’s throat.
“On a scale of 1-10. One being me letting go of your neck and ten being me choking you, I’m a eleven.”The pain quickly worsen through and my grip on his neck tighten.
“Ellie,” Vic coughed out. I felt a gush of cold rush through me and I released my grip on his neck and fell back to the pillow.
“Only two more months.” I mutter to myself. I fall back on the pillow, while Vic left to claim the couch, muttering something about not wanting to die. I close my eyes and let sleep consume me.

Austin hovered above me, the pleasure he was giving me was undeniable through our chemistry. Even though I couldn’t see, my eyes wouldn’t allow me to let go of this feeling, I saw and felt with every bone of my body how much he loves me.
His lips attacked my neck, with me releasing small gasps. Until his teeth latched onto my neck. at first, it didn’t bother me, the pain from his teeth was getting more intense. His teeth were tugging and pulling and sucking the spot on my neck. I knew he was giving me a hickie, but why was it so painful?
His teeth clamped down on my neck again and I cried out for him to stop. His teeth moved down to my collarbone where I cried out, begged him to stop. I thought love ones weren’t supposed to hurt you. The pain kept going and going, with him ignoring all my desperate pleads to stop.
When he was done, he touched each new ‘love bite’ on my body. I hissed in pain. Something inside me told me to open my eyes, and when I did, I shut them back. I started screaming and yelling. My eyes automatically opened, but I wanted them close, I didn’t want to see this.
Austin’s face morphed into someone else’s. Something ugly, heartless, and pure hatred. His rough hands grabbed my hips and blew his hot breath on my face.
“Now, everyone knows you’re mine. Only mine.” I screamed while he induced torture on my body.

“Shh. Shh. It’s okay.” I cried more. I hugged the bump sticking from my body and allowed the dirty memory of the dream exit my body. I expected Austin to be here, but he wasn’t. And probably never will.
It’s not even the fact that he isn’t that’s bothering me, the fact that he, is loose somewhere, with the ability to hurt other innocent girls like he hurt me. His sister could be part of the act or his father or both. But I want them dead. I want them to rot in hell.
But most of all, I want Austin.


New Year, New Chapter. Enjoy <3 *This is the scene where the cover picture comes from. As Saddie says......You're Welcome.*



There's a sequel! Don't worry!!!

NO YOU CAN"T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! -sobs-

Cassie Cassie


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Pls let them be together

niamh niamh

Austin needs to get his sheit together.....

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