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When You Fall Asleep Tonight (Sequel To My Understandings)

Coming Down Is Calming Down

“Elizabeth, please stop crying.” My mother patted my back and tried to calm me down. But it just wasn’t working. This is a moment for me. I haven’t talked to her in months for those three horrible reasons. And no matter how horrible they were, a part of me longs for that touch and the whisper of “It’s gonna be alright.”
She gently pushed me on one couch while she squatted on the floor nearby.
“Baby, please get your phone.” She said while reaching towards me. I waited a few seconds before I heard the end of my ringtone and the beginning of my text tone.
“Whoever it is, it can wait. Mom. I’ve been a horrible daughter.” I calm my breathing.
“Sweetie, no. You’ve been a caring, responsible daughter. And quite frankly, I should be apologizing. I…..did some things that can never be forgiven. I don’t know what or how to make it up to you.I hurt you physically and emotionally. And I let someone else hurt you, mentally and physically. I know your dad hates me and…..” tears began pouring out her eyes. She shoved her face in her hands andbegan shaking her head. “I was blinded by what I thought was his love.” She said through her fingers. “I thought he loved me. Sure, he wasn’t anything like your dad, but I thought I found the one.” She sat on the couch next to me and I pulled her in for a hug.
“He gave me gifts, took me on dates, picked me up from work, and his son, Josh,” I cringed at his name. “Was the sweeties thing ever. I would’ve done anything for him. But it was all a lie. Only to use me, to get his son near you. And I’m so sorry.” She cried more. “I realize, I’m never going to find the one. The one was your father and there will never be anyone like your father.”
“Mom, I love you. And I completely forgive you.” And it’s true. I do. She was high on love and thought it was true love. To only be used. My mom is a caring person and doesn’t deserve none of the crap Josh and his father sent him. I know how she feels. When Josh and I were friends, he would give me gifts, take me on dates. But all he wanted was sex and friends don’t give each other sex.
“I love you so much Ellie. Never forget that.” she wiped her tears and wrapped me in a hug. “So, tell me about the baby. Am I going to be a grandmother?” She asked.
“Yes. You remember that girl I talked to Katelynne? She and Kellin finally got married!”
“Really? How’s David and Lynzie dear?” I opened my mouth to answer, but my phone rang again with another message.
“Oh my god, I forgot to remind him.” I said jumping up from the couch, but quickly falling back. My mom rushed to my side.
“Remind who sweetie?” She asked. I looked at my phone.
Babe, why is the whole TWA at my house?-Austin
Uh, hey this is Tyler from The Word Alive where are you?-Tyler
I’m Luke from TWA, are you still coming?-Luke
“Mom, you have to come with me.”
“MOM!” I yelled getting up again and rushing to the door.
“Okay, okay, let me lock the door.” we sped the hour drive back to Huntington and by the time we arrived at Austin’s place, I was out of breath. I ran up the door and opened it, dragging my mom inside where six pair of eyes looked my way. One pair in confusion.
“You’re Ellie from SNS right?” a young boy asked. I nodded.
“Let’s get to business.” I shooed my mom and Austin outside, telling my mom to explain things to him while I sat on the couch with TWA. It was Zack, Tyler (A.K.A Telle), Luke, Tony, and Daniel.
“Okay, here’s the list of some bands participating at Warped." Luke handed me a list.
August Burns Red
Back Down After Dawn
Bring Me The Horizon
Black Veil Brides
I See Stars
Man Overboard
Memphis May Fire
Sleeping with Sirens
The Story So Far
The Summer Set
The Wonder Years
Tonight Alive
Woe, Is Me
We Came As Romans.

I choked on my spit and began coughing. Great, just what I need. To see yet another ex-boyfriend at Warped. Besides that, I was excited. A.) My buddies from ISS and Mandalay are gonna be there along with Kellin, Andy and Oli.
b.) I get to meet Tyler Carter, Chris Fronzak, and Jake Luhrs, and other amazing people.
C.) 3OH!3!!!!! I always wanted to write a song with them.
“And second, we wanted to go over the plans for the Headline tour.” I nod my head and set the list down.
“So, it’s Started From the Bottom Now We Here tour, featuring I See Stars, us, Dayshell, and Crown The Empire. It starts in late September and we still need a band to headline us.” Tyler said.
“It runs from September to early November.”
“With the last date being in Denver, Colorado.” I mentally counted the months. if I’m correct, I should be due in August. And if the tour doesn’t start until late September and Austin and the guys don’t leave for Australia until November, that means Lynzie would have to take care of the baby until I return.
“Well, I can’t speak for my band. But I would love to Headline you guys.” They all smiled and we went over more details for the next hour. By the time they left, I wanted to sleep. My mom and Austin emerged from the kitchen. My mom left, promising to call later and left the two of us.
“You’re going on another tour?” Austin asked.
“Well, yeah. It’s in September and-”
“That’s basically right after Warped. I’m not going to see your for seven months.” he said. I felt a pang of guilt. We just gotten settled down and serious, but I was off to leave again, like I did last year. But at the same time, how dare he complains about that? ever since that interview in February, I haven’t seen him at all because of the new album, he even missed my birthday.
“Austin, I will be here from May to June.” I say while getting slightly agitated.
“But you’ll be opening for other bands, all I’m asking is to spend more time with my pregnant girlfriend, who is trying to play Warped pregnant?” he raises his voice slightly.
“Well I can’t help it! I have a fresh band that people want more of. And if that’s going on tour a lot, then I’m sorry, I have to go! You don’t see me complaining about your constant writing for your new album.”
“That’s cause my band is more famous than yours!”
“The band that also caused us to break up?” I questioned.
“No, the band that caused us to break up for a second time.” My eyes widen. Is he really breaking up with me because I’m constantly busy?
“Are you serious? You know what? I don’t have time to deal with this. Sorry my life is too busy, I’ll call you when my life decides to settle down.” I spun around on my heel and trudge out the door. I kept my head up high, but my tears down low. I wasn’t upset that we kinda broke up, it was the stress talking. I was upset because, he let me go.

Once in the comfort of my room, I lie on my back and stare at the purple walls in my room.
“OHMYGODELLIEOURBANDFINALLYHASAWIKIPEDIAPAGE!” I hear the slurred words of Max’s screams. He barges in my room with his Mac laptop and shows me the Wikipedia page.
Sorry Not Sorry
Sorry Not Sorry is a four-piece Pop-Rock band from Long Beach, California now residing in Los Angeles. The band has released two full albums and one EP. The band is well known for their lead singer’s low tenor ranger unclean vocals and high tenor range as a soloist.
I scrolled down the page and looked at Bands Associated.
Breathe Carolina
Of Mice & Men
I smiled at him before turning my attention back to the purple wall.


Back Down After Dawn is a band on my PVT fanfic. If you read it, you know who they are. If not, then you aren't missing anything.
Mandalay and Back Down After Dawn will be described and detailed later in the story.
© Save_The_Cheerleader



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