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When You Fall Asleep Tonight (Sequel To My Understandings)

Broken Circuit

You know, in eighth grade, I used to hate these two kids, Daniel and Kathleen with a passion until I started calling them Mr. and Ms. Buttcheek because they rubbed up together next to each other like a butt cheek.

I giggled at the stupid text messaged and re-crossed my legs. We were on our way to the next venue and I had just FaceTime Matthew and Lynzie an hour earlier. Although it’s four in the morning now, it was three in the afternoon there.

However, six days ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement when Spencer and I first FaceTimed and now I can’t keep my excitement as I continue to text him.

Did you at least tell them to their faces like “Hey look, go ahead and fuck and get it over with so I can start calling you Mr. and Ms. Buttcheek? That’s what I would’ve done.

As if, I was awkward.

I don’t know where this would lead us. If this would even lead us anywhere. For all I know, in the six days we’ve texted, he could’ve found him a girlfriend. Could’ve gotten drunkly married in Vegas or found out he impregnate someone.

But, talking to Spencer was nice. Nice to talk to someone outside my small circle of friends.

You’re music is pretty damn awesome. You should’ve been took the step towards a solo artist.

Craig Owens (Once again) dropped his set again, so I (once again) was filling in for him. Today seemed one of the better days. I had an interview with Beau later tonight, a signing for both Sorry Not Sorry and Lights, two sets, and of course, the early morning interview I had promised Bryan Stars.

It seemed one of the better days because it was one of the busiest. Something to keep my mind occupied off the two men that I’m worried about.

Day rolled around and I found myself tired after the interview with Bryan. Especially when he kept hitting on me.I found Jared and Eric and started wandering the venue until their performance so I could fill in Val’s voice.

“Wanna drink?” Eric asked. I shrugged my shoulders while Jared nodded. As we began proceeding to the blessthefall’s tour bus, we heard shouts and the sound of glass breaking.

“BEAU!” Elliot's voice rang outside. We all stopped outside the door and gave each other that moment of silence panicked look. “BEAU! STOP!” and we heard another crash. I was more concerned about Elliot than Beau because compare the two and Beau would crush Elliot if you got him mad enough, like now.

Without even thinking, I snatched the door opened and gasped.

“Get an ambulance.”

“He’s going to be okay.” The nurse spoke as she put the gauze on Elliot’s nose.

“Where’s Beau?” Eric asked as he scanned the venue. It was crazy and no one knows why Beau lashed out like that. he hadn’t meant to hurt Elliot. Elliot simply got in the way. But in the way of what?

“I don’t know. He just took off in that direction,” Elliot pointed the way going towards my tour bus.

“I think I know where he went.” I said before running off towards the edge of the venue where the dirt broke off into a sidewalk. I’m worried for Beau.

Never have I seen Beau angry and this went far. He hurt Elliot, not intently of course, but he injured someone. And whatever’s wrong with him is deep.

And I don’t want people to get the wrong impression about him.

It was when I finally saw him. He was pressed against the wall outside the venue, knees up, chin resting, and he was shirtless, only a beanie and a pair of jeans covered him.

I took caution steps towards him and carefully set a hand on his tattooed shoulder.

“Beau?” I walked around in front of him to get a better look.

Although he wasn’t making a sound, he was crying. Tears streamed down his face as he stared at the emptiness of the air.

“Beau. Talk to me.” he looked up at me, his face a mixture of hurt and disappointment. He sniffled a little more before looking back down.

“Is Elliot okay?” I sat down on the ground, crossed legged and took Beau’s hands in mine.

“Just bruise. It’s not broken or anything. He’ll still be able to perform.” Beau nodded.

“It’s all my fault.” He whispered.

“Hey, it’s not all your fault he-”

“NO! Not Elliot, it’s all my fault!” he stood up, snatching his hands away before slamming the palm of them on the wall.

“What is Beau? What’s your fault?” I walked around to him. He didn’t say anything, not that I expected him to, but instead he sighed and tears hit the ground. “Beau, please,” I put an arm around his back and leaned against his shoulder.

“Valerie is divorcing me.”


We're nearing the end.......



There's a sequel! Don't worry!!!

NO YOU CAN"T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! -sobs-

Cassie Cassie


niamh niamh

Pls let them be together

niamh niamh

Austin needs to get his sheit together.....

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