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This Is Faithfulness At Its Finest

I Know It's Tough, But Don't Give Up

- Nicole's POV -
I woke up to the sound of screaming.
No different from any other day.
It's my last night here.
After this, I'm on my own.
I'm finally 18 today.
Thank god.
Just college and finding a place on my own.
And as a birthday present from myself, I'm going to an Of Mice & Men concert.
Hell yes.
They're my favorite band.
I've been waiting for this day ever since 2009, when I found them.
They keep me going.
I snapped back into reality when I was smacked in the face and thrown to the floor.
Thanks Michael.
Michael is my... "father."
I refuse to call him that.
He feels nothing but pure hatred toward me; and the feeling is mutual.
I looked up at him.
I got up and looked him in the face, then smiled.
"Why are you so happy?"
He glared at me.
"Oh is it because your emo satanic band is coming to town today?"
"Actually, it is."
I smiled again.
He rolled his eyes and grabbed me by the neck, pushing me up against the wall.
Please, not this again.
I wanted to cry, but I held back my tears.
Last time I cried, it only made everything worse.
He stared at me, with his hand still around my neck, until he finally released after a couple minutes.
What did I ever do to him?
That's all I want to know.
He turned back around to me.
"Toodle loo. No need to make food now. Your devil worshipers will be starting in a few hours."
He smirked and walked straight out of my room.
I went over to my dresser, and put on my "AUSTIN CARLILE OR DIE" shirt and my Of Mice & Men leggings.
I went into my bathroom and did my makeup.
I was finally all done and ready.
I looked at myself in the mirror, and smiled.
I looked decent for once.
I turned around and grabbed my purse.
I carefully headed downstairs, looking out for Michael.
No sign of him.
I didn't hesitate to slip right out the door and over to my car.
I put on Bring Me The Horizon, started it, then I was off.
Today is the day I get to see my heroes.
Here we go.

I arrived at my destination.
There weren't many people there.
Thank god.
I gave my ticket to someone and they let me in.
I've never done this, so I have no idea what I'm doing.
I walked up to the front.
I was right in front of the stage.
Nobody's going to get through me.
I looked at my phone.
Of Mice & Men starts in 2 1/2 hours.
Well this is going to take a while, but it's worth it.
I decided to check my phone.
Nothing on there, really.
I should've figured.
I never had any friends in school.
If I did, they would either move away or forget me for someone better.
I shrugged and put my phone back in my pocket.
I decided to talk to some of the people around me.
They were all so cool and nice.
They had colored hair and many piercings, which I thought was awesome.
Michael would never let me do those things.
But now that I'm going to be on my own, I can.
I smiled at the thought.
I didn't realize time could fly by so fast.
In the middle of my conversation with a girl, a voice boomed into the microphone.
Screams came from all directions.
I just stared in shock.
My hero, Austin Carlile, was standing right in front of me.

"How are you guys today?"
I couldn't help but shout.
I covered my mouth.
Austin looked down at me and smiled.
I wanted to cry, right then and there.
He noticed me.
He looked back out to the crowd.
"Are you guys ready to hear some music?"
Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs.
They started to play their songs.
They played The Flood, The Storm, The Depths, Second & Sebring, and OG Loko.
It was the best time of my life and I sang along to every song.
Then they started the intro for The Great Hendowski.
I didn't think they'd play this song, but I loved it.

"I met a guy with some coins in his hand
His face was weathered, dark, and sad
He looked up to me and asked
Something I'll never forget
He said,
'How can you smile with your lips wrapped around a loaded gun?'
'How can you smile?'
'Look at this life, is this all we've got?'
And my reply was quick,
'Read this book, you were meant to live
It all means so much to me
But note what's written in red
It says…
It speaks of hope, trust, and love,
The fear of never being good enough
He looked back down at me and grabbed my hand.
He looked me straight in the eyes and started to sing.
"We are all made the same,
I know it's tough, but please don't give up."

Aaron started his part and tears were already flowing down my face.
Austin still had a hold of my hand and was smiling at me.
"Don't speak that way, 'cause I won't allow you
You're too young to live this way
Just close your eyes and see
The true meaning
You're too young to live this way
Just look around and see
That life is beauty
Austin put his microphone back up to his lips.
"That life is beauty
How can you smile, when this life is all we've got?
There's no hole inside, no time that's long enough,
That can't be saved or healed,
There's nothing that can't be covered with love."

Aaron started again.
"Don't speak that way, 'cause I won't allow you..
You're too young to live this way...
Just close your eyes and see..
The true meaning.
You're too young to live this way...
Just look around and see,
That life is beauty..."

Austin still had my hand.
Nobody tried to break us apart.
"This world, is not…
This world is not my home,
I'm just passing through...
There's hope, there is love,
I know there is a void,
There's hope, and there is love
But there is no void that can't be... covered with love!"

The tears on my face wouldn't stop rolling.
"Thank you San Francisco!" Austin said into the microphone.
He looked back down at me and smiled again.
I turned to the girl I had been talking to.
She was grinning from ear to ear.
"He grabbed your hand!" she was jittery and hugged me.
I could tell this girl was going to be my friend.
She let go of me and I could see a tear running down her face.
She laughed and so did I.
"I'm so grateful for you!" she exclaimed.
I smiled at her and we headed over to where they were doing signings.
I pulled out my Of Mice & Men poster.
We were at the back of the line, but there weren't many people and the line was building on.
I was so excited.
It took about 30 minutes until I reached Phil.
"I love you so much. Your the best guitarist ever. Thank you for saving my life."
"Thank you! I love you!" He smiled at me and signed my poster.
Next was Tino.
"Tino, you're amazing. I love you and the way you play drums inspires me to do that. But since I'm a girl, I don't know... Thank you for saving my life."
"Hey, don't ever let your gender stop you from doing what you love! Thank you so much. I love you." he signed my poster and passed it down the table.
I looked at it, then back up to see Alan Ashby already smiling at me.
"I know, you love me."
"Actually no. Just kidding. I love you to death! You're so great and funny!"
"I love you too, thank you." he smiled and signed my poster with a 'meow.'
Then it was Aaron.
"Aaron, you're just as rad as Shay was! You have awesome screams and clean vocals. I love you dude."
He smiled and blushed.
"Thank you, I love you!" he signed my poster.
Of course, I told all of them I love them.
I do, with all my heart.
I grabbed it and took a step over.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then opened them.
Austin Carlile was sitting there with a smile glued onto his face.
"I-I.." was all I could get out.
"Hello. What's your name gorgeous?"
Did... Austin Carlile just call me gorgeous?
Try not to fangirl for once in your life, Nicole.
"Um.. I'm Nicole. Nicole Ramos."
"You had a pretty tight grip on my hand earlier, didn't you Nicole?"
I laughed and he smiled as he wrote something on my poster.
He was taking an awful long time.
Then he stopped and looked up at me.
"I really like you." he whispered.
My eyes widened.
"I want to get to know you more."
He smiled and grabbed my hand, leading me beside him.
He gave me his phone and I gave him mine.
We swapped numbers.
I grabbed my poster.
"Thank you.." I told him before walking away with that girl.
I guess I should stop calling her that.
Before I walked away with Mia.
She looked straight at me.
"You're going on a date with Austin Carlile."
I smiled and looked back down at my feet.
Then back up.
"Holy shit, I am."


Yay for fan fiction. ^-^
Read and enjoy! xx
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title cred: Of Mice & Men


oh my god. i actually cried. you need to keep going!

Because...Bands. Because...Bands.
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Thank you, mate. :3 hehe
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I like where this is going mate! :D