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Those In Glass Houses

The Star That Burned So Bright, Faded The Fastest

Annemarie’s POV

A few days after the concert, I began meeting a few people and became instant friends with a girl named Sarah. I talked with Sarah while she sold merch at the concerts and I decided to make myself useful and help her sell the merch. I was finally able to take off my bandages from my arms and thighs and sighed happily when I did.

I was sitting in the front lounge while the guys were getting ready in the back when Sarah walked in and gave me a shirt. “Darling, wear this so you’re in the concert spirit! I have others so you can be punk with me!” Sarah happily cheered. I had already changed clothes so I just quickly took off my other shirt and put on the long-sleeved OMM shirt and fixed it. I had my burgundy skinny jeans and my black Vans, settling on not taking Alan’s beanie, I think I could get used to shirts like this. I said good bye to the guys while Sarah and I walked to the venue. She began explaining the prices on the shirts, sweaters and other merch while I followed next to her. Sarah had long hair that was dyed in different colors and had the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. She had on a black Asking Alexandria shirt with a blue robot and white skinny jeans and blue shoes.

“It’s easier to get to our stand by the front door so we would have to show our passes to the guards in the front.” Sarah took out both our passes and gave me one. “Take care of it okay?” I nodded as we got closer to the line of people. I looked at the huge line and realized all the people who came to see the band.

“That’s a lot of people.” I spoke to Sarah as I pulled the sleeves of my shirt lower to hide the scars.

“Yep, but most of them will try to get to the barricade to see the band better. Most of them just want a little fun with the band, if you know what I mean.” We got closer and most people turned to look at us. I began feeling a bit uncomfortable and walked closer to Sarah. She looked over at me and smiled. “Don’t worry; they won’t do anything to you.” I nodded, keeping my head down and following her.

“I don’t understand what makes her special. Just because her boyfriend beats her, doesn’t mean she can go on tour with my favorite band. I probably know more about them than she does. If anything, I should be touring with them, they only want to sleep with her anyway.” I heard some girl behind me say. I froze on the spot and realized that she was right. I didn’t know anything about the guys, yet here I was getting along with them and trusting them slowly. Sarah stopped walking and turned to me.

“Anne?” She asked. I didn’t answer her though, I was too busy thinking of what the girl said and I bit my lip. I turned around, ready to go back on the bus when I crashed into someone and screamed, covering my head and falling on my knees. I felt hands grab my shoulders and I screamed again, trying to get away.

Josh got out, he’s here and he’s going to take me away. I have to call Aaron, he’ll get me away. I began screaming his name and I heard him yell mine. I opened my eyes, seeing Austin kneeling in front of me, holding my shoulders as Aaron ran over and pulled me to him.
“What the hell is going on?” Aaron yelled, holding me tightly as I held on to him. I cried and cried, thinking the worst while he tried to calm me down.

“I was running over because she forgot her phone and when I was about to call her, she turned around, colliding with my chest and she just freaked.” I clung to Aaron and tried to calm down.

“I’m so sorry...” I whispered. Aaron looked down at me and he sighed.

“It’s fine Annie, don’t worry about it. Come on; let’s get you back to the bus so you can stay there.” I shook my head and pulled back, still cautious of my surroundings.

“No, I told Sarah I would go with her and I will.” Aaron tried to talk me out of it but I kept shaking my head. “I’ll be fine.” Aaron finally agreed and I turned to Austin who looked at me with hurt eyes and I looked down, unable to look at him. He gave my phone to Sarah and walked away with Aaron. I was still full of fear but I was quickly taken out of it when Sarah walked over and held me tightly while I could calm down. I heard Austin speaking harshly to someone but I ignored it until I heard dead silence and Sarah sucked in a breath. I turned, seeing Austin glaring down at a girl while Aaron pulled him away. Sarah glared at the girl who I guess talked about me.

“Don’t be so hard on her. She’s been friends with Aaron for a really long time and she can only be fine around him. Do you know how hard it was to finally open up a little to the band and you come along and ruin everything?” Sarah snapped. I heard a few giggles and I looked at Sarah who looked at me and smiled. “Come on girly, let’s go inside.” I nodded and followed her, showing the guards inside the venue our passes and we walked in with no problem. We began setting up everything while the place was set and soon the doors opened. People already were by the barricade and others looked around and began buying things. I helped Sarah by passing her the clothes until I had a line of my own and I sold some things too.

I looked at the stage and noticed that I had the perfect view of it. I smiled, realizing I could see Aaron from the fans view and soon, people began leaving to see the show. Sarah and I sat on the table, getting a good view of the stage just as the guys walked out and began playing. I found myself singing along with Sarah and soon we were chanting for more with the crowd. Once it was finally done, Sarah had a few crew members take the boxes back and we walked back to our own buses.

I walked in, seeing it empty and I sighed heavily, going to my bag and taking out my non-living best friend. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, but I needed relief and I needed it now. I unbuttoned my pants, pulling them down and throwing them in my bag. I sat on the floor, my friend between my fingers and began with my thighs. I cut a few lines from my knee to my upper thigh and did the same to the other leg. I sighed in happiness, cleaning up the mess carefully and put on some band-aids for the cuts. I pulled on some pajama pants and slipped on a clean T-shirt, going to sit on the lounge.

After a half-hour, the guys came in, already done with taking showers and being freshly clean. Austin walked in first, not even paying attention to anything as he sat on the other couch on the other side. Alan and Tino sat beside him while Aaron sat on one side of me and Phil sat on the floor.

“Annie, what happened?” Aaron asked.


Austin’s POV

I watched as Marie left happily with Sarah, she even waved goodbye at us and we said our byes. I sat on the couch, waiting on the rest when I felt something hit my thigh. I looked and recognized Marie’s phone case, realizing she left it here. I grabbed it, walking out and running after the girls to return it. I saw the line ahead but I had to ignore the fans. All of them began to scream my name and a few wanted to leave the line but they didn’t want to leave their spot. I spotted Marie, standing there while Sarah spoke to her. I could have sworn Sarah had a worried look on her face but just as I was going to ask, Marie turned around bumping into me. I was about to apologize when she fell to her knees, screaming. I bent down trying to calm her by grabbing her shoulders but she screamed even more.

“Marie! Marie, it’s me, Austin!” I began yelling so she could calm down. She began yelling Aaron’s name and soon he came running over, taking her from my hands as she clung to him crying.

“What the hell happened?” Aaron yelled at me. I could only imagine the worst he was thinking. Here I was, a screaming Marie in my hands while I held her shoulders, trying to get her to calm down.

“I was running over because she forgot her phone and when I was about to call her, she turned around, colliding with my chest and she just freaked.” I told Aaron the truth and Sarah nodded, backing me up.

“I’m so sorry…” Marie softly whispered and Aaron calmed her down. I spaced out. Why had she freaked out on me? We were just starting to get along when this happened. I looked at the line and saw many fans looking worriedly at Marie but there was on girl who was rolling her eyes and talking to her friend. I watched as her friend hit her arm and scold her. Did she say something to upset Marie? Fans do make a big deal of these things. I stood up, watching Marie look at the ground. I turned giving Sarah the phone and I walked around Marie, walking to the back with Aaron. I passed the girl who rolled her eyes and looked at her. She smiled at me and I snapped.

“Don’t call yourself a fan of mine if all your going to do is judge my girl!” I growled at her. “Leave her out of it if you don’t know what she’s going through.” Aaron pulled me away and everyone just stared at me wide eyed. We walked around the corner, inside the venue when Aaron pushed me to the back stage room where the guys were waiting.

“What do you mean, ‘my girl’ Austin?” Aaron asked me. I shrugged looking down and Tino chuckled.

“Come on Aaron, don’t tell me that you haven’t realized.” Aaron looked at him fairly confused and Phil laughed.

“It’s so obvious, Aaron!” Even Alan began laughing and I wondered if I did in fact make it to obvious.

“Knows what?” Aaron became impatient.

“Dude, Austin likes her.” Alan answered. Aaron looked at me and I looked down, nodding.

“Austin even grabbed her hand in our last concert before he got on.” I looked at Alan and Tino began.

“What about when he sits next to her, he won’t stop glancing at her.” I glared at Tino and Phil began. Great.

“Whenever we go out to eat, he always sits in front of her so he can watch her laugh, smile, and enjoy herself.” I groaned loudly and grabbed a fistful of my hair, sitting on a chair.

“Thanks guys.” I grumbled. Aaron sighed and let out a chuckle.

“As long as you treat her right, which I now you will, I’m okay with it.” I looked up at Aaron and I smiled a little. We were informed that we were almost on ad we got up, going to the side stage to get ready.

After the concert, we went back stage and showered, having Jared bring us spare clothes. I waited on the other guys, sitting on the couch and wondering about the girl who told Marie off. I began dozing off, hoping that Marie finally calmed down. We walked in the bus and I sat on the couch, still in a daze. What did she say to make her guard up like that? Marie would never act like that, she finally got the courage to relax and just be herself. I looked up, seeing Marie look around and Aaron was standing with Phil and Alan. Tino sat next to me and Marie looked at all of us. The look in her eyes was the same as when she first met us. I couldn’t bear to see the way she looked at me. I looked away, hearing everyone sitting and she sat with Aaron.

“I was with Sarah and some girl said that I shouldn’t be on tour with her favorite plan if I was just beaten around. She said that she deserved to be with you guys because she knew more about you guys than I do. She said you guys only want to sleep with me.” She softly spoke, but we all heard it.

I slowly got up and stood in front of her. Marie looked down and I kneeled in front of her. She leaned back, staring at me but Aaron rubbed her arm. I softly grabbed her hands in mine but she pulled them back. I felt a stab in my heart but I smiled anyway, looking at her.

“My name is Austin Carlile, I sing really loud for Of Mice & Men. I’m 26 years old and I have a serious heart condition.” Marie stared at me and understood what was happening. She relaxed, putting her hands on top of mine and I smiled, intertwining our hands together and she smiled softly.

“We were so far, but starting over can be a good thing.” Alan spoke. Marie softly smiled and nodded at Alan.

“I’m sorry guys. These things shouldn’t get to me.” She spoke.

“Don’t worry about it Anne, we still love you just as much.” Tino smiled.

“To lighten the mood, I bought the stuff to make chocolate pancakes!” Phil happily said. I
laughed, still looking at our hands that we were still holding.

“Can we make them tomorrow?” Marie asked; excitement in her voice.

“Of course!” Phil laughed. Aaron got up, saying his goodnights before the rest followed and went to their bunks. I looked at Marie who was looking at our hands and smiling. I squeezed them lightly and she looked up at me.

“Let’s go to bed Marie.” She stared at me, nodding before getting up and pulling me up. I stood up, letting go of her hands hesitantly. She put her hands down and I cupped her cheek, looking down at her. Marie looked up at me as I slowly leaned down and kissed her cheek softly.

“Goodnight.” I spoke. Marie stared up at me, shocked but smiled a little, walking to the bunks. I followed her, getting on mine while Alan winked at me from his bunk across mine.

“We all totally saw that.” I laughed, closing the curtain and falling into a deep sleep, dreaming of the girl I feel in love with.


Title Credit: Black Veil Brides

Wow, this was a long chapter! Okay guys! I need help! I lost where I was going with this story. I know Josh needs to make an appearance, but what do YOU guys want to see? I don't care what it is, as long as it's good and there are no wrong answers! :) Thanks guys!


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