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Those In Glass Houses

Buried In These Walls

Austin’s POV

I began falling asleep, Marie’s fingers tracing the tattoos on my arm. I felt her fingers glide over the water designs and the sea animals, lightly giggling when she discovered a new animal she missed. I saw her trace over the word ‘Mom’ and she hummed happily.

“Mom…” She whispered, thinking about something. I was too busy looking at her that I fell into a deep sleep and woke up with her gone from my lap and a blanket over me. I yawned looking around and feeling the bus moving. I looked over, seeing the bunk curtain opened and light snores coming from the guys bunks. I took the blanket off me and stood up, going to my bunk and laying on it. I looked up at the ceiling and began thinking.

If I asked Marie out to a date, would she go with me? I don’t think she would. Maybe if Aaron came along? But he would be a third wheeler, so that’s not good. If I took the other guys, they would right away pressure me to make the first move. I already kissed her cheek, what more do they want? I can only move so fast with her and any faster would probably scare her away, and that’s the last thing that I want.

“Aaron?” I heard a small voice ask. My ears perked up at the voice and I listened closely.

“You okay?” Aaron yawned; I heard the curtain open and a bit of shuffling before I heard him stretching and his back popping.

“I’m fine, I just can’t sleep.”

“Want to talk about anything?” Aaron asked.

“No, I’ll just go and watch a movie. You go back to bed.” I heard Aaron going back to his bunk and Marie’s soft steps lead to the lounge. I stayed where I was and closed my eyes. Friday was our next day off, so I’ll have a movie date with her. I just have to let the guys know.

I woke up the next morning to Alan complaining about something and Phil arguing with him. I got off my bunk, walking to the bathroom and brushing my teeth. I walked out, putting on a random shirt, and jeans, going to the lounge. My eyes opened like saucers at the sight in front of me.

Annemarie’s POV

I woke up a few hours later, seeing the sun out and I was still in the lounge. I yawned, stretching a bit and standing up. I walked to the back, grabbing some clothes and going to the bathroom. I changed into my sky blue jeans, a black tank top that Sarah let me have, and my usual black Vans which surprisingly were still in great condition.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Phil walking toward me. “Morning Annie.” He yawned, carefully stepping passed me and going into the bathroom. I walked out to the lounge and Alan was pacing the small room, already changed and ready. He looked up at me and quickly ran over.

“Come on cutie! Let’s get breakfast before they notice!” I smiled but shook my head.

“Alan, we can’t do that! Aaron will get worried!” Alan waved it off and scoffed.

“Have some fun!” I laughed and pulled away, seeing Phil walk out and smile.

“Pancakes anyone?” I grinned, following him to the small kitchen and helping him make the pancakes. Alan sat down on the couch grumbling about not going out and I giggled. Tino and Aaron soon walked out and sat on the couch as well. In no time at all, Phil and I made chocolate chip, strawberry and regular pancakes, giving a few to everyone.

“This tastes like heaven!” Alan spoke with him mouth full of food.

“Ew!” I laughed, taking a bite out of another pancake.

“Alan that’s gross!” Phil complained.

“Don’t talk to me!” Alan whined and Phil began complaining again. The curtain opened and Austin stepped out, seeing us all eat pancake and he looked shocked.

“No one waited for me?” He asked. I quickly got up and fixed him a plate of all three pancakes.

“We were too hungry.” I shrugged, handing him the plate. He smiled at me, taking the plate and winking.

“Thanks Marie.” I felt heat rushing to my face and I turned away quickly, I walked back to my seat next to Phil and Tino when my phone rang. I stood up again, walking to it and seeing a number on it. I was hesitant about answering it, but I did anyway.

“Hello?” I answered.

‘Marie? It’s me, your lawyer from the case? I just heard some news. Mr. Andrews got out because there was no evidence on him being your boyfriend.’


Title Credit: BlessTheFall

HEY YOU! YEAH YOU THAT JUST READ THIS!! How are you? How was your day? My day was okay. Mu aunt flew in from LA and I got more bracelets. Can I tell you something mate? I thought of it again. And to tell you the truth, I grabbed the bottle in front of the family, ready to drown them down. None of them noticed though. They never do. But I didn't do it. I'm better now, I know I'm better than this and it won't be worth it. :) I just want you to know that I love you and I'm always here to listen to ANYTHING! Thank you for reading and making me happier on my bad days with your comments. :)

Have a pleasant night, love.


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