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A Small Affection For You


This story have gotten a few comments that there is a lot of talking about her body. My answer to that is that Crystal got a body complex. She doesn't like her big chest and round bum. I write from the main characters POV, therefore it would be weird if wouldn't think about her body when she got a body complex. Keep that in mind and enjoy reading!

Crystal is a girl with a lot of bad luck, these words and the power behind them are haunting her.
When she finally gets enough of her unlucky life she goes to her best friend Alan. He gives her the opportunity to come with him and his band as their merchgirl, and kinda get away from her life for a while.

And that is how Crystal met Austin, and might have fallen in love for the first time. Or at least for the first time for real.

This story contains assault, rape and sexual assault. So it might be a bit triggering.



I'm gonna reread this story tonight when I get off of work and I'm so excited
I haven't read it in years but it was one of my favorite fics.

Kylie Koma Kylie Koma

This story was adorable.
I've read every single story that you've written.
I'm in the process of reading Fragile Love at the moment.
You're ideas are great!
I cannot wait to see more from you.

Luna Moon Luna Moon
This story was so good I'm so sad it's over but that was the cutest ending ever
jessilovex3 jessilovex3
Ohmyfuck, this was the cutest thing I have ever read!! Awwwwhhhsdjongsdfcgvbn.
maybeabbey maybeabbey
Awwwwwwww soooooo cuteee